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Danger of Technology (F.B.I. Bill P)

Once you put something online and delete it, it is never officially offline. Someone somehow will be able to access your information. Is technology good or bad? 141 more words

Protecting Collectibles - Are You Ready for Mother Nature?

Last Friday, Southern California was hit with a 5.1 magnitude earthquake with many after shocks that lasted well into the weekend.

When I moved to SoCal and started the nesting process in my new place a few months ago there were precautions taken to insure the collectibles with the insurance company since we had moved from another state.   197 more words


The old gaze vs the young touch

Trying contemplating this saying that I coined up ‘Better to fall into the arms of a young man, than to the fall even to the gaze of an old man’. 246 more words

A look at your own blog: Who do you want to read it?

You know how my blog is all about the shits and stuff in a relationship. It’s very personal, but instead of just bottling in, I write it out on an anonymous blog for your poor eyes to read (sorry). 487 more words

Places and Peices

For those readers who are enthusiastic to make connections for a life-time $$$ www+exploroo+com, www+peacecorpsworldwide+org, citizenship+disney+com/friends-for-change, www+intervarsity+com,, www+successnet+org