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A thanks to the strangers who cares

This weekend was a bit too dramatic for my liking. A small argument blew way out of proportion with the guy I’m dating and we ended up walking back from the night club, alongside the road, 1am, me crying and a little bit more than tipsy. 284 more words

A quick pause for thought ...

Driving a race tuned, red and white 1987 Citroen 2CV around London is an amusing adventure. Children in pushchairs stare and point as a giant version of something from their toybox whizzes slowly past. 517 more words


Study: Most of Us Don't Recognize Common Cancer Symptoms

Sure, you may be labeled a hypochondriac if you rush to the doctor for every ache and pain, but new research suggests many of us could stand to take an extra dose of precaution.

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He just sneezed - Should you be concerned?

PTI reported this morning that India quarantined a person Tuesday who had been infected with the Ebola virus in Liberia but then determined by Liberian officials to be free of the disease. 137 more words

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Ebola in India: Do you think you have been exposed?

As many of you know that an Ebola survivor Indian national has been quarantined after his semen tested positive for virus. Indian authorities consider this as a precautionary measure and have strengthened passenger survellence at the airports. 100 more words

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A Plea from the Youth for a Safe Climate Future


I come from the generation of explosive activists who held sit-ins and teach-ins and street demonstrations for the clean air act, civil rights, women’s rights and opposing war and nuclear power.   335 more words

The calibre of friends that you should avoid in your life.

  1. The Cheat:
    Many friendships have been crumpled and crushed, because a best friend hit on a friend’s romantic partner.
    To avoid making best friends with this type, avoid the sneaky flirts, the sweet talkers and generally, people who try flattering you and talking like you mean the world to them.
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