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Precaution is Better Than Postcaution

A giant storm is threatening to upend my way of life – that is, knock out my power.

Ideally, this will not happen, but I may not be able to keep up this daily blogging thing, despite my  294 more words

Beware of The Little Signs of Negativity

You’ve heard how little things when add up becomes quite a big thing? Or at least, something like that. Similarly, those little negative feelings that you get sometimes which you dismissed as something insignificant do not actually go away. 120 more words

Tax evasion: Take every precaution regarding voluntary disclosure

Voluntary disclosure can spell a return to a state of legal tax affairs for tax evaders. However, despite growing pressure, voluntary declarations should be thoroughly considered and well prepared. 133 more words

CDC's Travelers' Health

Going out of the country and not sure the precautions you should take? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a very helpful and easy to use site that tells you all information regarding health and safety. 94 more words

Public Health Info

A thanks to the strangers who cares

This weekend was a bit too dramatic for my liking. A small argument blew way out of proportion with the guy I’m dating and we ended up walking back from the night club, alongside the road, 1am, me crying and a little bit more than tipsy. 284 more words