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A little Bit Like a Springtime Christmas....

The eggs were painted, the Easter tree decorated, bunnies everywhere and after nearly one week of preparation the little Monster was determined to start the eggs chase in the garden despite the poor weather… 50 more words


Impenitent to the end. I am completely in thrall to Esmeraldas. To Tallulah

Impenitent to the end. I am completely in thrall to Esmeraldas. To Tallulah. B.-. sometimes bursts out in exasperation, “——, what’s the matter!”, as I sit at my desk in silent contemplation of the disintegrating ruins and wasteland of my wasteful life, preparing to spend another £900 getting exploited by the whores of Munich or Berlin. 138 more words

Laura Bruno - Precious Moments - 19 April 2014

Originally posted on Tania Marie’s Blog:

Life moves fast and we often overlook and miss the precious moments because we are racing by them, worrying so much of the time, complaining about them, and looking for the next best thing – never satisfied with what is before us.The way to recognize the precious moments, is to become so still, as to feel the pure life energy move through you, be present, have an open heart of loving gratitude, and breathe into each moment with awareness and curiosity. 75 more words


Happy Easter and Spring 2014!

House is all decorated for Spring!…..we had a beautiful warm weekend a few days ago where it got into the 70′s! So great after the horribly cold long winter. 60 more words

My Journey with the Lord: Boundaries are slowly being set

I realized something during my retreat weekend and it was one of the things discussed, I need to set boundaries in my life with various things/people. 659 more words

Life Happens


Launch each day anew,
Treasure true precious moments,
Manna from heaven.