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The first of the big 'lasts'

I remind myself often to savor this pregnancy and this journey toward adding a third child to our family since this baby will most surely be my last. 460 more words


It's been a long hard day, and I've been working like a dog

Have you had a long hard day? or do you just like this song and recognized it right away? Did you start to sing it and did you smile?  462 more words

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She's obsessed with princesses..

Anytime and each time she watches a movie, it has to be princess or mermaid or barbie and we get prepared for her demand to let her keep her hair open and style them as the lead role in the movie :-) That’s such a b’tiful girly thing. 247 more words


Drop a ball!

Cappucino Conversations

I found this the other day, it kind of sums up how crazy this modern world seems to be.  It highlights the futility of living the way so many of us appear to these days. 357 more words

Precious Time

Time is what we want most

Be picky with who you invest your time in, wasted time is worse than wasted money.

I value my time so much that I always try to meet people and spend time with them. 34 more words


Our Friendship

To let you know I appreciate you as a friend, Regardless; what is a beginning or an end? Simplicity speaks volumes for me, Gratitude to just let things be, Always wanting you to feel free, Currently this is how I see, I trust the wisdom you have in what you do, To support this friendship moving through, To just comfortably let you know, I’m glad this is how it will go, Thank you so much for who you are, Friendship is precious as the sky & the stars, For now that’s all I can think to say, Have an enjoyable & wonderful day. 9 more words

Daniel Feindt

Hesitant Words

I’m hesitant to express what’s on my mind, The words to use now I can’t seem to find, Careful ways of saying what I feel, Or nothing in my thoughts to reveal, I could create a story of how things are, My mind telling me I’ve gone too far, Visualize reality; not knowing what I want, Or maybe I do, & the answer is rather blunt, What is out of my control seems to be a lot, Am I letting go & accepting what is not? 42 more words

Daniel Feindt