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Jump the Fence

I have this thing about fences. More specifically; simple, crooked, barely standing, worn and tired, rusty-wired, lichen covered fences. I appreciate an uncomplicated and clearly stated boundary line where the parameters are known and understood. 568 more words



“It’s mine. My own. My precious.”

I’ve always cringed when Gollum said those words. I mean really, who could be so possessed by a simple band of gold? 505 more words


How to Disappear

Move to Hell.
Beg for Sanctuary.
Have no reply.

Words need speaking
No intuiting.
I am worth the breath required.

Coping Strategies

Should we be more precious with our resources?

OK, so a bit of a cop out- this is an essay I wrote a few months ago that I want to upload as it covers many of the topics I’ve already outlined. 2,149 more words

Climate Change

Little princess

Today I’m happy ! Got to meet my little niece for the first time, yes my friend finally had her baby two days ago after a long long wait and process. 371 more words


Armond White Dumps On 20 Of Your Favorite Films, Calls 'Inglourious Basterds' 'Tarantino's Abu Ghraib'

Our old buddy Armond White has been writing for the conservative bible The National Review as of late, meaning the #HotTakes have been coming fast and furiously. 502 more words

Film Drunk

Freeform Lapis Lazulli polished

Lapis Lazuli

The Kings blue stone from Afghanistan.

Hand polished Lapis Lazuli freeform 110 * 60 * 23 MM

Price from 60.90€ now 55€

Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite inclusions Lapis contains Sulphur sodium aluminium belongs to the feldspathoid silicate                   Formula: (Na,Ca)8(AlSiO4)6(S,SO4,Cl)1-2… 104 more words