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Make a Fence Fine Adjustment Tool / Fabriquer un outil de micro-réglage pour guides

Voici le simple gabarit que j’ai conçu pour obtenir des ajustements précis à certains outils de l’atelier. Tel que montré, il implique un vernier numérique, un serre-joint et une chute de MDF 3/4″ de 4″ d’environ de long ayant un trait de scie le long d’un champ. 421 more words

Shop Made Jigs / Gabarits Maison


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Overview: Extreme Sports are exciting and equally exciting is capturing those precise moments of adrenalin pumping excitement. Observer is a camera this is a remotely controlled multicopter robot. 146 more words

Product Design

Precision or Tautology

In the agile world, the art of conversation must be an innate skill that needs distillation before it’s delivered. But it’s not hard as we think. 1,061 more words


Review - Pilot Precise Colors, Green and Purple

I’ve taken a look at the Pilot Precise V5 pens before, and they’re pretty good pens in the standard compliment of black, red, and blue colors. 297 more words


Scour Believer :)

The scour finally came! I’m going to do a huge bit of wool washing this weekend (and take lots of picture of all of that + dyework), but I took the plunge today and did a small test run on about 200g of Castlemilk Moorit and… 158 more words

Dipole moment calculation

I am trying to calculate the dipole moment of a cylinder of volume charge density $\rho_0$of radius $R$ and height $H$ with is center coinciding with the origin. 79 more words