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Review - Pilot Precise Colors, Green and Purple

I’ve taken a look at the Pilot Precise V5 pens before, and they’re pretty good pens in the standard compliment of black, red, and blue colors. 297 more words


Scour Believer :)

The scour finally came! I’m going to do a huge bit of wool washing this weekend (and take lots of picture of all of that + dyework), but I took the plunge today and did a small test run on about 200g of Castlemilk Moorit and… 158 more words

Dipole moment calculation

I am trying to calculate the dipole moment of a cylinder of volume charge density $\rho_0$of radius $R$ and height $H$ with is center coinciding with the origin. 79 more words

Connection (produced by Dray Yard)

This track is #11 on a project called Hand Grenades and Serenades produced by Dray Yard from Belarus.

Click the link below for the full project. 37 more words



truthful precise words keep minds sharp and real

anything else dulls


What is a Precis?

A Precis is a form of summary that is most often used to summarize works of non-fiction and speeches.  A precis is original writing.  It does not contain any of the precis author’s own thoughts but rather, summarizes someone else’s writing using the precis author’s own words.  312 more words

It's All Connected...