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Sports Uniform Redesign Attempt 1

This segment features sports uniforms that I redesigned. Most of the time, I basically change the colors of stuff, copy and paste into multiple layers on Photoshop using logos and templates that already exist. 223 more words

Frozen and Predators

Sometimes you just have to own up to your own weirdness. Here’s mine: I watched Frozen for the first time the other day and Predators (the sequel to Predator) for the second time. 1,550 more words

Abby Jones

Nacho Libre: Defender Of The Realm, Protector of Defenseless Chickens, Knight Of The Old Code, Warrior, Hero, And All Round Great Cat

Note: While some literary license has been taken, this tale is based on actual events that took place on the nights of April 20 and 21, 2014. 1,260 more words




The sound of a toxic stream,

Product of a deadly scheme.


Acidic rain, the stench of it, 54 more words


My theory (gender dominant child molesters)

My theory on why mostly boys victims to molestation grow up to become molesters, in dominant statistics over girls.

I don’t see why a person who were¬†molested as a child would grow up to molest him or herself. 144 more words


Howling Lesson

By Debbie Dicarlo

Taken on: June 14, 2013
Location: Hinckley, Minnesota, USA

Experiments in Flock Management

Each year there are decisions to be made about how to manage the flock of hens.

Said decisions typically include choosing whether or not we’re adding to the flock in the Spring (or Fall); if we are adding to the flock, how many and what breeds we’ll bring in; when to bring them in; and how long they’ll stay sequestered before integrating them into the flock at large. 523 more words