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A life examined

“The life which is unexamined is not worth living”

The prompt today asks me to look back to January and see how the year has turned out, was it as I might have predicted.

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Movies' box office analysis this year up to July 2014

‘Frozen’ was last year’s highest grossing film, and is currently fifth highest grossing film of all time and also the highest grossing animated film ever, defeating ‘Toy Story 3′. 673 more words

Wonderful Others...

Meet an election specialist – Malcolm Mackerras

This interview is the first in a series which I had originally planned to title “Meet a psephologist” and use as a series of interesting articles about people who study, work in and write about elections. 1,375 more words


Five Years After Death of Horoscopes

Already after five years of being cleansed of Astrology, World Humans have embraced the scientific personal daily forecast of reading entrails of slaughtered bovine to plan the day. 147 more words


On definition

How are we to define a word?

Words are like tools, very flexible tools. The definition of a word changes dependent upon the use we put it to. 366 more words


Fungal Vape

It’s all the rage, vaporized tobacco. No more tar in the lungs, no more cancerous toxins to kill us slowly. No lighters required; only a cartridge with a nicotine laced liquid inside. 291 more words

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