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Boy or Girl? What the Old Wives' Tales Say

Just thought I’d update everyone on the progress of little Baby Koontz. I am now 14 weeks, which puts me snugly in the second trimester. This means a few things – mainly that my nausea and other less-than-fun symptoms are subsiding. 512 more words

Everybody's left

Originally the title to the blog was “everybody’s wrong” but that sounded just slightly egotistical on my part hence the BFG Roald Dahl reference. I was thinking today how everyone on this planet in some way or another thinks that they are right and that makes them wrong. 705 more words

312 Straight Numbers for Friday Dec 19


Good for New York for Friday Dec 19

Basic 52

10 Numbers used: 297 614 647 441 431 385 834 838 214 132… 286 more words

Basic Box

Q&A: Second Sight

Q: How do you know if you have second sight?

A: By second sight I’m guessing you mean “clairvoyance”. Clairvoyance as a word literally means “clear sight”, although generally we use it to mean intuition, insight, psychic ability or even predicting the future. 783 more words


EPL Predictions: Week 17

Here are Crazy About EPL’s predictions for week 17 of the Premier League: 1,796 more words


VIDEO: FIFA 15 Predicts Sunday's huge clash between Liverpool and Arsenal

Arsenal travel to Anfield to take on Liverpool on Sunday in what should be another thrilling encounter between the two sides.

This fixture last season saw one of the most shocking results of the season as Liverpool thumped the Gunners 5-1 and Arsene Wenger’s men will be out to correct that this weekend. 118 more words

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Simonides, Fr. 17: Don't Say Anything About Tomorrow

“Since you are a human being, never mention what happens tomorrow
Nor, if you see a lucky man, say how long he will be so. 69 more words