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Fallen Angels/ELS are Super Friends (Predictive Programming) - Call Me/ Out of Touch/Time (Remix)

They are NOT our friends… How many times do you see hands or hands up in this video, especially with the Super Friends predictive programming? 774 more words

9/11 predictive programming

Jeff seems to be speaking our language…

h/t Delcroix at chat.fakeologist.com


Freelove Redux

Juan was  whisked away to the wonderful world of L.A. -where he was provided an array of resources and excellent pay.  He hadn’t been to California since his hippie days in The Haight- circa 1968.  625 more words


Tough Questions...

By now everyone has heard the latest news regarding the journalist James Foley.  I flipped on the tube last night while preparing dinner as the story was breaking.  846 more words

End Times


Piggybacking the biorhythms the Montauk program energies are used to ramp up the new world religion.


The real HIjackers .


The Ebola Outbreak and Predictive Programming

I’ve been watching Channel 4’s TV show ‘Utopia’ these last couple of days. Its about a bunch of conspiracy theorists who find themselves in possession of a valuable manuscript. 721 more words

World Event

Great White Shark at Manhattan Pier.. Octagon!

Shark attack stirs Manhattan Beach holiday weekend crowd

I will let you read it… at the link above…  this one is coded for sure.  I saw this last night and made several observations…. 149 more words

New World Order