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Hurricane Odile: Water Bearer of Aquarius: "Odile Marks the "Bucket" of Aquarius!"

As Hurricane Odile slams into the California Peninsula, I realize that this storm that is causing so many problems is named after a Catholic Saint.  Don’t you think that’s a little strange???  

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INRI is 138 or 8/31 reversed in Jewish Gematria: NY Judgement Confirmation!

Here is additional confirmation on the interpretation of the post:

Super Computer: NY Financial Needs A Heart Transplant (read this post first!)

 The numbers on the baby’s forehead is the date of 8/31. 315 more words

Super Computer: NY Financial Needs A Heart Transplant

“My interpretation of the coding of this story is that it is from the Satan/Saturn/ AI/supercomputer and IT is mimicking “God the Creator.”  It is foreshadowing judgement for New York.”

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Isabelle IS Queen Elizabeth! Mind Control Meme....


Continuing on with this post:

NLP, Sand, Ice Bucket, Isabel, God’s Promise, Inhumans, Lock Jaw and S.H.I.E.L.D!!

I just noticed that Wikipedia made a switcheroo on me for the meaning of the name: 189 more words