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Saturday Night Live's BLATANT 9/11 Foreshadowing 1.5 YRS Before Event!

David Rockefeller obviously loves to corral hundreds of people into his building and get them to LAUGH at evil things he plans to do to them… 118 more words


The World in 2015. Mushroom Cloud and Tons Of Symbolism On "The Economist" Cover

In the new edition of The Economist: The World in 2015, a (Rothschild and Schröder publication) is trying to tell us something with their predictive programming… 317 more words


ebola resurging in dreams -- expect it in US soon

As mentioned briefly in my last posts, ebola has made a big return in social dream language over these last two weeks.

Returning readers are aware that, … 676 more words


When predictive programming probably isn't

Here is some cool conspiracy for your Sunday..

The theory behind this video: Predictive programming in BACK TO THE FUTURE.

The YOUTUBE video is well done, it gives us in depth coverage of Marty’s “Twin Pines” mall warnings about terrorists, and constant 9/11’s appearing in the movie.. 469 more words

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Ferguson Proves Predictive Programming Works


Between the government and mainstream media, the highly organized, scripted agenda with the protesters, and the predictable public outrage on all sides — all the energy and emotional investments…
Time: 10:37

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies