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October Pink Agenda: Breast Cancer Awareness

I really feel like the October “Breast Cancer” awareness is a cover up for a “pink mind control” agenda.  Someone commented to me that it was “them” trying to feminize the human species and that may be true…  there has been an agenda to mix genders going on for a long time.   138 more words


Holiday Inn Express: Leading the Fight Against Ebola

The following video was a former (2001) Holiday Inn Express Ebola commercial which brings to the table the question, “Is this more predictive programming?

If the truth be told, I would feel more comfortable trusting Holiday Inn Express to fight Ebola than I do Obama, Frieden and the CDC… 16 more words


Supercomputer: It's all about the Pink!!! New Meme Building..

Shia Labeouf: Sober And In Tight Hot Pink Pants

Alecia Moore Is Leaving Pink

Pink & Dallas Green

Pizza Hut Apologizes After Customer is Called ‘Pink Fat Lady’ on Receipt… 656 more words


Scores of IS Flags Found in Israel’s Upper Nazareth

MOSCOW, October 7

Municipal workers in an industrial zone of the northern Israeli city of Upper Nazareth have discovered 25 black flags associated with the brutal Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, the Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday. 64 more words


Deluge New York #floodwallstreet Predictive Programming from 1933

Predictive Programming: Flooding Event in New York from 1933!



Song Choice: Jackson Browne
“Before The Deluge”

Some of them were dreamers
And some of them were fools… 318 more words


Supercomputer: "Blackjack" Clarification: "It's a Spiderweb!"

I feel the need to clarify more about this supercomputer and it’s version of “Operation Blackjack.”  It is NOT necessarily a nuclear attack as “The Telegraph”

606 more words