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Full Steam Ahead

This morning’s post is very brief. This week has been non stop with Charlie’s regular therapy compounded by appointments and activities.

For example, today, we are headed to music therapy topped off by a near sprint to an appointment with the ophthalmologist. 108 more words


What We've Sacrificed So I Can Be a Stay-At-Home Mom

I’m in my second week of stay-at-home mom work and ya’ll know me well enough by now to know I call it like it is. I’ve had a few people tell me how lucky I am to now be at home full time with Ben – let me tell you, luck has nothing to do with it. 794 more words

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My new Best Friend: The Mini Crock-Pot

It’s an ingenious way of heating two baby bottles at once! When you have preemies you have to heat their bottles so that they spend less calories heating the food in their bellies. 103 more words

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We are a NICU family

And so, On 1/28/14 our babies arrived. 2lbs 11 oz. and 4lbs 10 oz. I’m officially a NICU mom. The NICU is not for the faint of heart. 164 more words

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Dr. Google, Why is my baby pooping blood?

Of course this all goes down after the Dr. office closes for the day. Let me tell you…it’s a startling thing to open up a diaper and see blood and then watch as more comes out with the next BM. 443 more words

The Everyday...

Feeling Helpless

In the early days with Alexander there was always a sense of helplessness as I struggled to come to terms with have a preemie, the roles of everybody and everything in ICU and the fact that all I could do was peer through a Perspex glass fogged up with the humidity and UV light. 186 more words

Testimonial Tuesday | Box opening

I looove watching box openings on Youtube. I am so giddy, despite knowing what’s coming! Thank you so so much, Alyssa for sharing your box opening of baby Ayana Elise! 16 more words