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Regulation A+ - To Preempt or Not to Preempt

In spite of the closed comment period, the SEC has continued to receive comment letters on the proposed rule amendments to section 3(b) of the Securities Act of 1933.  686 more words

PA Appeals Court Finds That DEP Was Not Required To Give Notice To Private Well Owners In The Event of a Hydrofracking Spill

This case was brought to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania on remand from a Supreme Court “mandate” directing it to consider the constitutionality of certain provisions of Act 13. 389 more words

Current Caselaw


Q1. Explain Deadlock Recovery Method of Starvation in Resource Preemption.

Ans. In a system where victim selection is based primarily on cost factors, it may happen that the same process is always picked as a victim. 47 more words

Recovery of Deadlock through Resource Preemption

Q3. Explain Recovery of Deadlock through Resource Preemption.

Ans. To eliminate deadlocks using resource preemption, we successively preempt some resources from processes and give them resources to other processes until the deadlock cycle is broken. 20 more words


Q1. Explain Deadlock Recovery Method of Rollback in Resource Preemption.

Ans. If we preempt a resource from a process, what should be done with that process? 92 more words

Selecting a Victim

Q1. Explain Deadlock Recovery Method of Selecting Victim in Resource Preemption.

Ans. Which resources and which processes are to be preempted? As in process termination, we must determine the order of preemption to minimize cost. 31 more words