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Small spaces: E.D.G.E.

Show me photos of a small house and I’m all eyes. Include plans and my eyes pop out of my head! Kids, husband, small spaces, icecream, wandering markets… just a few things I’m crazy about. 143 more words

Small Spaces

LOOKING BACK # fiberglass house 1970, development, design und prototype: FG Design Wolfgang Feierbach

“The most running subject in my head was: Can I make a good living house with that material and how shall this look like. Some experimental houses where already build by Monsanto USA and Finnish Architects. 36 more words


Dwelling: Live Out Your Retro-Future Dreams in a Prefab Bubble House

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, by Spencer Peterson

Photo via Gizmodo
Dreamed up by architect and urban design theorist Jean Maneval and presented in theoretical model to France’;s Salon Des Arts Ménagers in 1956, the Maison Bulle à Six Coques (which literally translates to &…

How to deal with setbacks/the loss of motivation from injury and or illness.

The following is a general protocol I run on myself and with client when dealing with injuries. More often then not, a simple injury can throw a person’s world upside down. 831 more words

Futuro + Venturo

Designed by Finnish architect, Matti Suuronen in 1968, this interesting group of futuristic dwelling – futuro + venturo are located in a beach front resort in northern Taiwan. 28 more words


Tiny house listings

“Tinyhouselistings.com is the web’s central place to buy, sell and rent small house properties that are 500 sq. ft. or smaller.”

Okay, it’s North America only, but some great examples of tiny houses at (mostly) tiny prices. 20 more words