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Planned, Unplanned; Assisted or Unassisted

There has been a lot of interest in a homebirth section of Birthing Naturally. Several readers have made requests that I add home birth specific information. 327 more words


Unassisted Childbirth

Quote on Giving Birth

Men, you would never let another man between your wife’s legs while she is lying in bed half naked in your bedroom, right? 788 more words




Evidence-based maternity care means practices that have been shown by the highest-quality, most current medical research to be most beneficial to mothers and babies (reducing incidences of injuries, complications and death), with care tailored to the individual. 565 more words


Do You Really Need One? California For-Profit Hospitals Are Performing More C-Sections

For-profit hospitals across the state of California are performing Cesarean sections at higher rates than nonprofit hospitals, a California Watch analysis has found.

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Women Issues

The Real Danger in America: Hospital Birth

As tempting as it is to make emotional arguments against the safety of home birth, asFeministe did recently, it’s not home births that are driving America’s high rates of maternal and fetal death. 1,098 more words


Dangers of Hospital Births: Why Birthing in a Hospital Can Cause More Problem's than it Solves - SEPARATION ANXIETY


Separation Anxiety

Perhaps the most egregious and unnecessary interference with the normal birth sequence is the separation of mother and baby immediately after birth. Even a ten-minute separation is too long during this critical first hour after birth—it prevents the natural nipple stimulation that increases the mother’s oxytocin, which will contract the uterus and prevent a postpartum hemorrhage. 1,217 more words


Home Birth and Out-of-Hospital Birth: Is it Safe?

How Safe is that Hospital Anyway?

Information compiled by Jennifer L. Griebenow 4/97

    In the past, most Americans were born at home with lay midwives attending. 2,535 more words