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Through Motherhood, We Can Find Our Power, Connectness & Enlightenment

My husband and I joke that shortly after I lose weight, I become pregnant. 2 years ago, I lost almost 30 pounds going grain free, sugar free on the GAPS diet. 439 more words


LABOUR-AID - a ‘must have' at your birth

It is essential to keep well hydrated during labour and birth. There is a large muscle (your uterus) doing a lot of hard work and it needs hydrating just like any other muscle in the body. 157 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

Seven Essentials for your Bella Birth Bag

At Bella Mama we are always on the look-out for beneficial products to support our mamas throughout their child birth year.    Following feedback from our clients we have compiled a list of the most helpful products to ensure that new mamas are comfortable during pregnancy as well as during and after labour.     646 more words


The truth about giving birth

I’m not quite sure when I started to notice the stigma about having a C-section. However, I can say I definitely became more aware of my feelings and the need to defend my fellow cesarean mamas with my last pregnancy. 841 more words


A Message About Preeclampsia to Every Mother

If your care provider is seeing a slight increase in your BP, a bit of protein in your urine, and asks you questions about headaches, swelling in your hands and face, pain under your ribs on the right, and if you’ve been seeing spots, they may tell you that you are turning preeclamptic. 698 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This is the third blog post I’ve started in the last week, and it’s taken me three days to finish it.

The first one I started never got posted because I decided the writing was terrible, and no one should ever be subjected to reading it. 2,036 more words

Pregnancy & Birth