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Pregnancy Reflection: Anxiously Waiting

I hate waiting whether for something small like checking out from a store or for something big like our baby’s arrival. I have never been patient or calm. 661 more words


Top 10 songs from my journey so far

This might sound like a really odd post, but I’ve found that music has helped me tremendously throughout the last two years and the three miscarriages which we’ve had. 967 more words

Stranger Than Fiction: Josie Cunningham

There are some women that live incredibly strange lives. Really strange. For some reason, the strangest ones I can think of are mostly British. I’m not sure why. 1,128 more words


Halloween for Me

October is a month chock-full of promoting public awareness to causes, like breast cancer, and pregnancy/infant loss. For me, this month is all about the 31st.   721 more words


CD5 and Follow Up

This morning, my alarm clock when off thirty minutes early, and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t want to hit the snooze button.   725 more words


Pregnancy Weeks 28-32: Complete!

Haiku Summary:
Hooray, a bed!
Painful TDAP shots
Oh, whatta bump!

Week 28-32 Highlights:

of bumps and browns

Of late, Arya has either been participating in boxing or football matches. I can feel my belly doing the beatbox and where it once used to be during the morning and night, it is now becoming a more consistent feature of my 24 hours. 805 more words