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My Body Did Not Fail...

You wouldn’t believe how much I want to say that and believe it. I guess I thought I’d gotten over my birthing failures but being surprisingly pregnant a second time, discussing and thinking about a second birth, obviously it’s brought it all back to me. 979 more words


32 Week Update - 8 weeks and counting!

Bump at 32 weeks!

How far along?  32 weeks + 3 days

Total weight gain/measurements: Matt fixed the scales…I have put on a total of 20 pounds since I was 4 weeks pregnant. 538 more words


Toddler time  

A rather mundane post about the frustrations of a day spent toddler-wrangling…

As parents of young children will know, it’s expected that, on the days you’re home with them as primary carer, you take your kids out to the park (or some equally worthy place of child-centred activity: a friend’s house, playgroup, family-friendly cafes, the zoo etc.) Sometimes I find this a bit of a fraught activity. 1,332 more words

Butterflies with Bowling Balls

For a while I was obsessively looking up what it felt like for the baby to move. I kept reading about the first movements, or “quickening,” feeling like butterflies in your stomach. 280 more words

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12 Weeks and Counting!

First trimester, done. And thank goodness for that, quite frankly.

It’s been a rollercoaster 12 weeks of ups and downs, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved to be at the end of it. 874 more words

12 Weeks

Strategy Change

Coming next June we are going to be going from Man to Man to Zone…..Baby Number 3 is on the way!!!


Post Baby Weight Loss

Okay so this is always a hot topic, and most mums will agree to at least feeling a little bit of pressure to drop the weight after having a baby, especially if your like me and gained over 20kg! 1,201 more words