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Post pregnancy weight loss

Well at 6months post pregnancy now……I’ve still a way to go! I haven’t lost anything again this week, although I haven’t tried…..I just seem to have a real desire for chocolate cake and chocolate biscuits! 57 more words

My kinda nachos

Usually packed full of unhealthy options like corn chips, sour cream, loads of cheese and lacking any veges, nachos just aren’t going to give you a well balanced meal. 227 more words


India's Surrogacy Industry and The Gendercide of Women: A Discussion on How They Are Connected

Today India is one of the top most destinations in the world for couples and individuals seeking a surrogate womb.  Does this actually benefit poor Indian women as many in the surrogacy business argue or is this a deeply misogynist trend in India?  2,189 more words

Female Genocide

Ovral L terminates unwanted pregnancy & solve menstrual issues

Ovral L supports women’s betterment by preserving them from having unborn child in their womb. This drug’s effective rate is amazing because it gives guaranteed protection from getting conceived when its pill are taken daily once. 199 more words


Pregnancy Update: Week 35

I am 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant! I hit the 8 month mark yesterday! Our sweet baby boy will be here in a month. I cannot wait to hold that precious child in my arms, smell his sweet scent and kiss his tiny lips! 472 more words

New Hardware

This pregnancy has been pretty easy, if you ignore the constant heartburn and occasional cramps feeling. Signs that this is my body telling me that I shouldn’t have anymore I’m sure. 113 more words

This Is My Life

If I wear the bottom, don't say breathe, zip also cannot!

In other words, I still can’t fit into some most of my clothes! That would not be a problem if I don’t have an event to go to in three weeks time! 213 more words

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