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Bumpdate: 18 Weeks!

Wow…it’s very hard to believe how far along through this pregnancy we are! April has been a very busy month for our family and we have a similar busy month ahead of us in May, so by the time things “settle down” somewhat, we’ll be very close to the end of this trimester….whew! 1,633 more words

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Public vs Private

So by 8-10 weeks it is recommended that you choose whether you will go public or private for your pregnancy.

Now for many women this might not even be a choice because you may not have health insurance to cover you for pregnancy. 1,509 more words

First Time Mum

Number Two: Week 29

In this pregnancy, I’ve been experiencing all sorts of unhealthy cravings. Among the food that I’ve been craving for:

Durians, chocolates, cakes, ice creams, bananas (actually I crave for these all the time, even when I’m not pregnant), burgers, pastries, anything with tomato taste, keropok lekor (only once), asam laksa (also only once, because I kinda OD-ed and got sick of it immediately), ice kacang, and apple pies. 555 more words


37 Weeks!

In approximately 3 weeks (depending on when Baby T decides to join us), we will be holding our little girl in our arms for the first time. 652 more words

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4-17-14 Daily Parenting Tip

April 17, 2014:

DECIDE:   “Special time” can make a child feel important.

PRACTICE:   Today, plan some “special time” with a child – a time when you can give your undivided attention. 140 more words

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I have a baby!!! At a bar....

I, FrannieFeds, solemnly swear to you (yes, you!) that I am going to find bars in my neighborhood that are baby friendly. I will only patron these establishments with said baby during “non-fun” hours (aka anything before 7pm and NEVER on a Friday or Saturday). 150 more words


Kelli Carmin 18 years old and 16 weeks pregnant

“What do you think about healthcare?”

-”Healthcare? It’s pretty awesome!  I love it.  I have family care for the whole pregnancy and I was sent to OHSU.   59 more words