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Midwife Appointment

Michelle thinks she’d like to have a midwife. Our appointment is set for August 6th. I admit I’m not too familiar with midwives and what the difference is except that maybe there’s better after care and that maybe it’s more nurturing and more comfortable. 84 more words


Hair today

Many many years ago there was a small poster which used to be plastered on the walls of one of the car parks in Truro. It featured three cartoon-style pictures of women holding their heads with the words; ‘We may be losing our hair now we’ve had our babies, but at least we’re not losing our minds!’. 239 more words

Baby Shower and Name Reveal! 32 weeks

Our baby shower was last weekend and it was fantastic! We had such a great time celebrating Baby Boy Urieli with family and friends. And (somewhat at the last minute) we decided that it was the perfect time to let everyone in on our name choice! 348 more words

Week 21 - Baby Pomegranate

So this week, and not for a lack of trying, I had no luck tracking down a pomegranate. I went to more than one store and none of them had any whole, just seeds.. 53 more words

Tricky Little Baby Boy

Today I got an extra special ultrasound. It has been scheduled for 2 weeks, so it wasn’t an emergency or anything. I regularly hear about how small I am for how far along I am. 807 more words


My Birth Story: Part One

Throughout my pregnancy I had researched birthing techniques for many hours and had written what I thought was, a perfect birth plan. I wanted a water birth after looking at the benefits and discovering the hospital I had chosen did indeed have a large tub. 1,611 more words


The Sibling Rivalry

So according to Kayla she is my number four and Frankie my number zero. So since the day one of the new arrival she has not been my number one baby, but my forth. 1,310 more words