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getting reconnected

until this past week of glorious weather i had no idea how essential being out of doors would be for me to feel connected to this pregnancy.  488 more words

Momma Needs A Minute...

It's just so FINAL

She is really gone. And it seems so final now. I mean I knew it was final , I held her for her only breaths, I held her when she was pronounced, I held her as all the warmth left her body and the coldness of death replaced it. 208 more words


The Heart Bids to Break

There were many reasons why I wanted to write a blog. Partly I was in midst of a fairly large transition in my life and felt compelled to catalog it.   551 more words

Weekly Questionnaire

How many weeks/trimester: 15 weeks, 1 day. 1 trimester down! Finally in our second trimester.
Have you told anyone about your pregnancy yet? All of Paul’s family know, most of our friends know, sadly, only a few people in my family know. 389 more words

The Worst Part

Easter has now come and gone and festivities are over. My easter all together was pretty good, nothing very exciting. Sunday my mom made my family a delicious turkey dinner (my favourite) and easter was also 4/20, that was fun, but I won’t go into more detail about that. 614 more words

Throwback | Mommy | 2005

Being a dad does not just mean having a child. Being a dad also calls for being a better husband. Better, in the sense that the responsibilities one has towards his partner, has now changed. 209 more words


First draft of ebook completed- one to tick off the to-do list!

Most of us are too familiar of the difference between wanting to get something done and actually getting something done.

Tonight I finally got all my thoughts down for my… 218 more words