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Miracle Diary | Part One

a journal of our miracle journey…
an insight into how the pregnancy miracle is different after you’ve sailed through storms

Four weeks | I did a test not because I thought it would show anything; in some ways its just become habit;  a habit fueled by  hope. 638 more words


Si Tukang Parno

Sebagai orang yang baru pertama kali hamil, kehamilan itu membuat bingung dan mudah panik. Ada nggak sih yang ngerasa kayak saya gini? Secara akses informasi mudah banget didapat — tinggal buka google langsung semua misteri ilahi terjawab *lebay kakaaak* — jadi apa-apa cari di google. 1,141 more words


(sok) baby shower

Kalau pas mau nikah dulu ada bachelorette party bareng teman-teman kuliah. Tapi sekarang pas mau punya anak waktunya baby shower. Cikal bakal baby shower ditemukan di masyarakat Romawi Kuno. 435 more words

Oleh Oleh Jalan-jalan

Deepti & Tish Make it Work as a Work-At-Home-Parent

I put out the call for Work-at-Home-Parents, and seven wonderful people answered! They represent a variety of careers, their children are all different ages, and… 257 more words


Strength in Weakness

My car died one day after our Babymoon.

I was in such a good mood right up to that point, planning to take a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some vanilla icecream to go with the homemade apple pie that I’d whipped together.  1,014 more words

Emotional Roller Coaster


Sebastian Moody

I was driving into New Farm Park on the weekend for a friend’s birthday and drove past this piece by Sebastian Moody. I have recently learnt he is a local Brisbane artist and although I have driven past this on many different occasions, it was especially poignant this particular day. 325 more words



  1. When she’s crying, don’t ask her what’s wrong, BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS WRONG! EVERYTHING! Instead, ask her “WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?” This way, you are encouraging a more positive energy.
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