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MTP Kit Discards Ongoing Pregnancy Within 7 Weeks

Discomfort feelings acquired by the newly pregnant women can be discontinued by starting a women’s favorite pill called as MTP Kit. This is the progesterone dysfunction pill that creates the cervix to open up to release the uterus content, so that the natural miscarriage is processed in smoother way. 168 more words

Birth Control Pills

28 Weeks Pregnant

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I’m into my 3rd Trimester! Can’t believe how fast it’s gone actually. According to Emma’s Diary, if Charlie is born now, it’s almost definite he will survive! 455 more words


My Favourite Heartbeat

You’ve got my favourite heartbeat.

You are 21 weeks 2 days today.

Doc said you are growing well. We couldn’t be happier.

We think we’ve chosen the perfect first name for you already. 185 more words


Safe cosleeping with our Bednest.

There are so many options when it comes to baby sleeping, Moses baskets, cribs and then there is cosleeping.

Guidelines tell you not to have your baby in your bed with you. 561 more words

Pregnancy Test

So a week before my period was due, I had this gut feeling that I was pregnant and I spent a fair amount of time googling ‘When to take a pregnancy test’. 196 more words


Stretches for Wrists and Hands That You Can Do At Your Computer.

We spend so much of our lives typing, texting, driving or using a mouse, (well I do anyway). All of these activities can play havoc on your wrists leading to repetitive strain injury or even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 143 more words


I am totally in denial about being pregnant. Believing that it is real seems dangerously naive. Due to my previous pregnancy loss at 21 weeks I wish to remain as detached as possible from the idea. 76 more words