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(11) Santa Monica High School

Through out conducting my research I decided to interview three different schools in the Los Angeles County.  One of them being Santa Monica High, which is located in the western area of Los Angeles County where the majority of the people are financially well off. 284 more words

Thank You!

Thank you for asking how my daughter is feeling.

Thank you for taking the time to comment or “like” one of her Facebook posts.

Thank you for asking if I’m excited to learn the gender of the baby. 154 more words

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Our True Defender

Who is the first one blamed for a child’s wrong choices?  Where does the finger usually get pointed?  Many times it’s at the parents.  And if it’s not the outside world doing the pointing, we do it to ourselves. 518 more words

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The One Who Never Lets Go

She’s going to be a mother???  God, what were you thinking when you created the life of a child inside a child?”  Those were the thoughts that crossed my mind as I walked past my daughter one day.  475 more words

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It’s Just the Beginning

In a previous blog, I mentioned there was a moment in which every ounce of anger disappeared.  It was the day I went with my daughter and her boyfriend to her first doctor’s appointment.  774 more words

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Breaking through the Fog

Sometimes when faced with parenting difficulties, it’s as if you’re living in a fog….trying to grasp the reality of your situation.  I felt lost in the beginning of my daughter’s pregnancy, without direction.  575 more words

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Finding Satisfaction in God Alone

In my last blog I shared about my initial feelings of anger when I learned of my 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy. Now let me talk about another emotion that at times seemed to engulf me.  691 more words

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