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India could raise abortion limit

Kindling hope for the lakhs of women forced to give birth to abnormal or still-born babies every year, thanks to an outdated rule in Indian medical law, the Supreme Court has decided to hear a plea seeking extension of the legal limit for abortion from the present 20 weeks to 28. 380 more words


A pregnant woman discharging some fluid during Ramadaan

Question: A woman was in her ninth month of pregnancy during Ramadaan. At the beginning of the month, she would have a white vaginal discharge with no traces of blood and she would, nevertheless, fast. 56 more words


A pregnant or a breastfeeding woman fearing for her health or her baby's during Ramadaan

Question: If a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mother does not fast Ramadaan because she is afraid that fasting might cause harm to herself or to her baby what should she do? 140 more words


Observance or non-observance of Sawm for a pregnant woman in Ramadaan

Question: I was pregnant during Ramadaan so I did not fast during the entire month. Later on, I fasted for one complete month to make up for the days I missed in addition to giving Sadaqah (voluntary charity). 134 more words


Man Punches Pregnant Woman On The Street! [Video]

What is wrong with people???!!!!!

According to the New York Post, police believe that this is another “knockout game” attack. For some reason this game has become popular with some around the nation. 171 more words


WHOA! Busy Mom Has Baby While Registering Son At School

PASADENA, Texas (AP) — A mother in the advanced stages of labor thought she had just enough time to stop off and register her 4-year-old son at a Houston-area school en route to the hospital. 123 more words

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