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Risks of SSRI antidepressants to newborns

Mind-boggling to me that this isn’t a no-brainer. When my psychiatrist started asking me when I’d have children I told him it was ridiculous to consider having children while on drugs…I knew even 25 years ago that it was a high risk I wouldn’t impose on an innocent life. 269 more words

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Happy Labor Day From Phalse Philly Sports!

Phalse Philly Sports would like to wish all of the laborers a happy day. These laborers include people who move boxes for a living, pregnant women, and Kyle Kendrick in the first inning of every game. Enjoy your special day!


Guest Blog: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, You Owe Zeddy an Apology

Just your name in this title will cause even some of my closest friends to not read beyond it.  Which is the entire point of this open letter to you which could end in one sentence:  you have marred the revelations of the last two weeks with regard to CDC data manipulation that erased a correlation between Autism and vaccines with the stain of your perceived charlatanism and made this fight harder to fight for all of us.   3,783 more words

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A Sister's Love - My ThrowBack Thursday Poem/Photo of The Day (08/28/14)

My ThrowBack Thursday Poem/Photo of The Day


Jasmine (2) kissing Lea (24 hours old) on the head
A Sister’s Love

Every day I watched moms belly grow bigger and bigger… 182 more words


Abortion Pills – Perfect Solution For Unwanted Pregnancy

Abortion Pills are a tribute for women to put a full-stop in pregnancy process. It comes in 2 other pill that has to be swallowed in a prescribed order. 170 more words

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Positive Lessons are often the outcome of Postpartum Depression

One of the major themes of my book, “Happy Endings, New Beginnings: Navigating Postpartum Disorders,” is that positive lessons are often the outcome of perinatal illness. 396 more words

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Abortion Pills Deals In Controlling Child’s Birth

Abortion Pills safeguards women’s wish by terminating baby which is living in fetus of pregnant women. It dominates over progesterone activity & brings it into its end to disturb pregnancy facilitation. 179 more words

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