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On “The Problem of the Black Race – James David Manning”

“There is a particular problem with every black man and that problem is inherent in his black color. There is no such particular problem in every white man and the reason why every white man does not have that particular problem is also inherent in his white color. 48 more words

Life Lessons

INFURIATING: Argumentum ad lazarum. Poor but honest?

Popular and extraordinarily irritating fallacy. Unfortunately very common (no pun intended).

I’m not sure if it was the Jews or the Christians who propagated this rubbish, but either way, it’s ridiculous. 371 more words


Number 29 - Helped spread some compassion

Yesterday, a friend/acquaintance of mine on Facebook posted what I found to be an offensive statement about homeless people (using the Australian derogatory slang ‘feral’, meaning dirty and un-kept). 231 more words

How a Teen, Thrown From His Home for Being Gay, was Arrested and Tortured

A few weeks ago, I told the story of a teen named Corey who was driven from his birth home when his parents found out he was gay, and into the arms of a loving home that rescued him.   1,767 more words


And We Vow...

We’ve all heard the phrase
“don’t judge a book by its cover”
and we vow that we’ll never judge
a book…or a person…
by mere outward appearances… 127 more words


prejudice--differing views

Born in the late 50s, the author was not old enough to appreciate the struggles had by the African-American community during their fight for equality during the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s that followed unprecedented cruelty, dishonor, and even the death of those targeted for the color of their skin. 440 more words

Colombia, and the necessity for individual exploration

This is my first post in quite a substantial period of time, and the reason for that is that I am currently based in Medellín, Colombia. 833 more words