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For most of my life, I have been told, “Like it or not, you’re a public educator.”  This was the theme in rehabilitation centers and consumer groups. 353 more words


The Roma Gypsy Traveller Debate

In the school I work at, a large proportion of the students I teach are of a Roma Gypsy ethnicity. Prior to teaching in inner city Leeds I was completely unaware and ignorant to this group of people. 436 more words

"Mistaken Beliefs People Have"

I asked Emma what she wanted to write about this afternoon during her writing session.  She typed, “Deconstructing the mistaken beliefs people have.”

I encouraged her to continue and asked what she was thinking of specifically.   105 more words


People with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Crime

People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may have characteristics that could make them both more likely, and less likely, to break the law. On the one hand, they may have trouble with aggression, controlling strong emotions, and understanding other people’s perspectives. 414 more words


Stereotypes, prejudices...

“Featured image is © UNICEF Cambodia/2012/Andy Brown”

This is hard, I try to face my own prejudices before traveling to Cambodia.

I think we all have at least some prejudices of different countries or cultures. 606 more words


Don't write off the group.

A few personal pet peeves:

  • eating crunchy snacks at a film’s tense moments
  • cutting in line
  • taking up multiple seats on public transit in rush hour…
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A former colleague, and I must add, a former friend, posed an interesting question that I happened upon the other day in a social media post: Are differing political views sufficient grounds for de-friending someone? 183 more words