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Lesson 5 - where I am the student!

My recent trip to a New Hampshire Dunkin Donuts taught me that having an accent from your homeland does not mean you are a new immigrant, unintelligent…or friendly. 186 more words


Morality: Not Exclusive to the Sane

About a year-and-a-half ago, I was attending a barbeque with some former classmates that I hadn’t seen for a while. At some point during conversation, another guest is explaining how he has recently moved into a new apartment, how said apartment was located directly across from a psychiatric hospital, and how he’d consequently discovered that the mentally ill are allowed to… 589 more words


Different faces walk this earth, underneath all these faces lie diverse personalities. People of different races, different religions, different sexual orientations, different hair colours and all from different backgrounds. 742 more words

Next Door Neighbor - Jehad

Jehad arrived in Canada in late fall of 1989. It was a cold day, but he does not remember the exact temperature during that first glimpse of Canadian life. 319 more words


Judgement vs. Assessment

Judgement shows a lack of intelligence.

Assessment takes time and critical-thinking skills.

Judgement is a knee-jerk reaction based on a superficial scan of limited information. It leads to drawing half-baked assumptions and worse, acting as though those assumptions were true. 1,260 more words


Islam, terrorism, and the Westboro Baptists

I’ve been trying to steer clear of references to the Westboro Baptist Church because it does get dragged out as the half-baked Christian equivalent of “Islamic extremism”. 637 more words