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Writing about people you know – treading the fine line

Rachel:                Oh, and I’m sorry I said you were a cow in high school.

Monica:               That’s okay. I was a cow.

Rachel:                Yes, but I’m still sorry I said it.

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Muslims: Misguided Actions Of Few Manage To Condemn Millions

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DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – When the latest horrible headline hits — and terror is the topic — Ali Mahmoud’s thoughts travel a familiar path: “Oh, God, please, please… don’t be Muslim. 404 more words


Snares and Stratas

What is the price to move on up
To the Room with a View
Overlooking a body of water,
Or a lodge where the river runs through? 160 more words

The Kingdom

I Contain Multitudes!

So, I was just spending time on a blog full of middle-class, middle-aged, American mothers who have au pairs. I know. Why would I do that to myself? 1,130 more words

We Live In A Time Of Paranoia And Prejudice

We live in a time of paranoia and prejudice,

Danger lurking around every corner,

Evil in strangers faces we pass on the street.

Every act of senseless violence is labeled terrorism, 133 more words


The right to choose

So I’m on OkCupid and somehow or the other, I stumbled across this profile (image below). This person is obviously not interested in black men. And she makes it quite clear. 65 more words


I Hate This World

I have a problem. I always see the negative in things. In people. In situations. Everywhere.
I can’t help this, can I?
Prejudice. Discrimination. Hate. Bitterness. 260 more words