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white people and black ferguson

It’s not a popular thing to have an opinion on Ferguson.

Perhaps it’s in vogue, but it’s certainly not popular. Regardless, to those that do, I applaud you. 627 more words


White Man Trying to Listen and Understand Ferguson and all that goes with it!

I’ve kept silent on the whole Ferguson situation … no tweets – no Facebook comments – no blogs – etc. I don’t want to talk or write about something that I don’t fully understand – that I don’t legitimately have all the facts to. 2,445 more words


A sad day for Americans

As I sit in the comfort of my own warm and cozy home, I am reminded of the violence Americans are capable of. A grand jury decided that police officer Darrin Wilson was just doing his job when he shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. 599 more words


Privilege: Please stop denying it

I’m not sure if its a widespread trend or just the internet communities I’ve been visiting, but I’ve been noticing a lot of discussion of privilege lately. 1,044 more words



So the LORD was with Joshua, and his reputation spread throughout the land.


I was in a youth forum last night, discussing current matters at hand. 231 more words

PREJUDiCE - struggle with "i"

In the most biased and comfortable language, we can say it’s “preconception”. In a diplomatic way, we can say that it is “a hostile opinion on something or someone”. 402 more words


You've Got To Be Carefully Taught

I walk the dogs almost every morning before work and school. Not very far – 15 or 20 minutes, usually – but long enough to get the dogs (and me) off to the right start. 1,794 more words