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I Dream of the Hunt

I do not recall ever having a good dream, only nightmares—full-blown, freakish nightmares. Wars. Massive floods. Ghosts. Vampires. Lethal dodgeball. And hunts. Lots of hunts.

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Read and Educate Yourself

Well depicted. I love reading and definitely think it is a good habit to indulge. It helps me use my imagination, learn new facts and ideas, and think critically. 7 more words


Pro-Russian Separatists Loot, Assault Romani in Sloviansk

Pro-Russian separatists have engaged in seemingly racially motivated acts of looting and assault against Romani residents of Sloviansk, reports the News of Donbass. Armed separatists have reportedly begun a series of home invasions against the city’s Romani population, robbing and assaulting their victims. 127 more words


Good Friday 2014

With condolences to all victims of violence and their families.

Last Sunday, a short while after the Passion Gospel was ended in churches across the nation, across the world, … 824 more words

Holy Days

The Unimportance of Skin

Where I’m from, meaning the place I was raised and culture I’ve identified with most, dark skin or at least tan skin is ideal. Where I’m really from, meaning my ancestral roots and the place I was born, my skin is ugly and a measure of poverty and insignificance. 1,308 more words



Displaying Jesus to the crowd: Pilate said: Ecce Homo. Here is the man. Or as it is put in other translations: Behold the Man.

And today we behold him.

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Ever Feel Like a Sign Was Hung Around Your Neck At Birth?

Do You Wear a “Scarlet “T” Around Your Neck?

You know there was a comedian who had an act based upon “Here’s your sign” – remember it? 838 more words

Transgender Life