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Teachers: Their Joy is their Sweet, Sweet Sorrow

In the beginning, I struggled a lot with teaching (for the reasons that I will elaborate below). Now that I have been focusing way more on my job and responsibilities, I find that I have been enjoying it more. 723 more words

New Business Card

Loving what I received in the mail :)


Drawing! - Observing Monsters

We capped off our puppetry unit with a lesson on drawing from observation. We discussed how artists create drawings from both their imagination (drawing something invented in your mind) and from observation (drawing something that you can see in front of you). 349 more words


Spelling is Arbitrary

A-rod (well, both of them actually) have been doing great with learning the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Last night, the girl child wanted to help me doodle. 150 more words


My 5 year old

My 5 year old pisses me off. His 3 year old little brother is able to focus and concentrate, but not him. I can’t stand it when he doesn’t focus. 226 more words