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Headlight replacement.

The normal reflective headlights just didnt do it for me. So I imported some Spyder lights from the US and decided to upgrade to the age of the projector. 266 more words


Speaker installation.

Next on the list, I bought 4 speakers, 2 3-way speakers for the rear 6.5″ in size and 2 splits, 1.5″ tweeters and 6.5″ fronts. I got the help of a friend and took off the door trim panels and removed the old speakers from the speaker baskets. 121 more words



So… to be honest I’ve already done quite a bit to the car already, just playing catch up on this blog! The next thing I did was purchase suspension. 134 more words



So here is where it begins. I picked up a nice used 1994 Honda Prelude VTi-R BB1 for around 5k. There was no real reason why I picked a Prelude as the car I wanted to tune. 92 more words



  • Granada Black Metallic with gold pinstripes on sides
  • Paint is in fair condition with no more than the usual wear and rock chips
  • Windshield glass, lenses, and lights have no defects…
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  • The vehicle has been our daily driving car. It has been maintained conscientiously.
  • Most miles are highway miles
  • Oil changes have occurred at the recommended intervals.
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Factory Specifications