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Further updated: What is the rumor?

The Bangkok Post reports that the “Stock Exchange of Thailand says it found no irregularities in Monday’s stock plunge as battered Thai shares Tuesday extended their six-day skid” of about 10% since 8 December. 470 more words

Harsher still on lese majeste

The Dictator is reported at Prachatai as ordering the “Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) to deploy harsher measures on lese majeste websites.”

Self-appointed prime minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha wants MICT to be even more vigilant in monitoring websites and social media “that might affect public morale…”. 77 more words

Thailand’s elites vie for position before the next reign

The Economist

THE generals who have been running Thailand since their coup in May are eager to carry on doing so. Martial law, they now say, will stay in place “indefinitely”. 928 more words

In for the long haul II

Some time ago, PPT posted on the military dictatorship being in position for the long haul. Then we were observing that despite claims about “democracy” and an “election” in about 12-15 months, the military dictatorship was likely to maintain control for a very long time. 234 more words

Capturing the constitution

PPT has periods where we get a bit behind and have a backlog of stories we think worthy of posting. We will try to work through that today. 441 more words

The military and new constitutional diapers

Anyone who follows Thailand’s post-coup politics, dominated by The Dictator and his military brass, knew that the task in “reform” is to change the rules of politics to ensure that electoral politics is made subservient to the royalist elite’s interests. 509 more words

Missing the point

One of the problems that faces “academics,” in Thailand and elsewhere, is that when they become media pundits they over-reach and write about things that aren’t based on their “comparative advantage,” which is writing about things they have actually researched. 652 more words