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Prem reincarnated?

Bangkok Pundit has a recent post suggesting that the grand old man of political maneuvering for the palace-military alliance may be sulking as he feels he’s being pushed aside. 300 more words

Prem’s economic model

As PPT has pointed out more than once, the implicit political model for the current military dictatorship draws on the periods when General Sarit Thanarat was dictator… 494 more words

The return of Premocracy

We perused a recent story at The Nation with considerable interest. Our interest came from a congruence between the story and several posts at PPT that asserted a return to Premocracy. 611 more words

Handmaidens of the military junta

At University World News, there’s a useful account of the salivating anti-democratic “leaders” of Thailand’s academic institutions who have thrown in their lot with the military dictatorship. 550 more words

All about The Leader

Atiya Achakulwisut at the Bangkok Post observes that “wondering whether the coup leader Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha will take on another role as prime minister” hardly seems worth the effort. 284 more words

Puppet assembly

As expected, the military dictatorship has appointed a puppet National Legislative Assembly packed with military and police and anti-democrats. (In fact, only anti-democrats could agree to serve as military puppets in this way). 396 more words