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How far back?

PPT has posted several times on the “inspiration” for the military dictatorship’s “governance” model being the era of unelected premier General Prem Tinsulanonda. While the Prem era was no golden era, with limited representation and a premier who ruled with military and palace support so that he treated parliament as a joke and avoided showing up there, it looked like the era The Dictator’s foggy memory considered the model for a throwback Thailand. 283 more words

Sour wine and old green bottles

Tan Hui Yee at the Straits Times has a useful discussion of the constitution drafting charade. We at PPT felt that it was a good follow-up to our earlier comments on the charade where we were disgusted by the… 505 more words

Rancid royalist politics

In the recent past, when the elite has discussed its various constitutions, the sections dealing with the monarchy have been considered “controversial” in the sense that the notion of a constitutional monarchy is poorly developed in Thailand and the current reign has seen a determined effort to limit the constitutional constraints on the monarchy. 536 more words

Coup and monarchy

America’s NBC News chose the coup and its aftermath as one of the “stories, newsmakers, videos and images that defined 2014.” The story at NBC has several video reports attached to it… 813 more words

Further updated: Lese majeste war

While PPT has been posting almost non-stop on lese majeste cases brought by the monarchist military dictatorship, several points come to mind as we ponder exactly why The Dictator and his band of royalist “brothers” – using the Prem Tinsulanonda view of the military – think that waging lese majeste war is not damaging that which they claim to be protecting. 988 more words

Tumbling down the hill

PPT has sometimes commented on the slippery slope to authoritarianism. Thailand since the coup has seen the slide become a free fall. The military dictatorship has almost total control yet The Dictator and his military junta remain prickly and desire that the their control to be absolute. 897 more words