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Put your thinking cap on and help us help PMU horses

Combating horse cruelty is a full-time job.

However, there is an issue that has a challenge not often faced.

This issue is the mares used and byproducts foals cast off to make the Premarin family of drugs, which now includes Duavee in North America and Duavive in Europe. 659 more words

Premarin Horses

Duavive —The Yellow Trail of Horse Pee Drugs Crosses the Pond to Europe


The alleged duel-acting horse pee/bazedoxifene drug DUAVIVE—also known as DUAVEE in North America—has now made its way to the EU. 913 more words

Premarin Horses

Spray what? Horse urine found in counterfeit perfume

In February 2014 Fox News carried a report about the dangers of counterfeit perfume.

    Something smells rotten – and it may be your perfume or cologne. 792 more words