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The cake is poisoned... and sadly, we are arguing over the icing.

Thousands of horses are ‘culled’ each year because they didn’t run fast enough. Thousands are broken down, and slaughtered because they are worked so young. In so called civilized countries, horses are still left to starve, they are still not fully protected by the law. 269 more words


My HRT Regimen (April 2014)

My HRT Regimen (April 2014)

OESTROGEL      17-beta Estradiol (transdermal) – 3mg/day
PREMARIN         Conjugated Estrogens – 1.25mg/day

ANDROCUR      Cyproterone Acetate – 25mg/day (will be 50 mg/day soon) 169 more words


Sex ... for Over 50 Women

Yes that is the word sex in the title.  If you are looking for titillation or if you know me and don’t want to picture me in the same sentence as sex, then please do NOT read on. 1,163 more words


Daughters of Premarin -- The Generics


Further to the reference of generics in the “Alternatives To” report, I think a separate word on the availability of generic Premarin® and its daughter drugs is warranted to clear up any confusion for those seeking to avoid products manufactured from the urine of pregnant mares. 915 more words


Alternatives to drugs made with pregnant mare's urine


As part of of the The Horse Fund’s campaign against the manufacture and use of the Premarin family of drugs – Premarin, Prempro and Duavee – we have compiled a list of alternatives to drugs made with pregnant mare’s urine (conjugated equine estrogens). 1,633 more words


Premarin Horses: How many does it take to make a billion dollars? Part 3

Newest Member of the Premarin Family ― Duavee

How will this new drug impact profits and inevitably the PMU mares and their foals?

DUAVEE®, the Premarin® ― bazedoxifene combination therapy for the treatment of menopausal symptoms and prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis in women who have not undergone hysterectomy was FDA-approved in October 2013 amid speculation regarding its safety profile and Pfizer/Wyeth’s lengthy struggle to gain approval. 837 more words


Why in the heck use pregnant mare's urine to relieve menopausal symptoms?

Jane Allin tells us the history of Premarin—the hormone replacement therpay drug for the treatment of menopausal symptoms—in timeline format. It is riveting reading and explains a lot. 1,065 more words

Horse Slaughter