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Prevention of Premature Aging of the Brain

Majid Ali, M.D.

A healthy brain breathes its oxygen freely. A brain sickens when it cannot breathes its oxygen freely. When a brain cell does not breathe its oxygen freely, it begins to ferment, produce acids and alcohols, increase its free radical activity, and thicken its innard fluids. 459 more words

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Liquid Aging

When I was running on the cross country team in high school, there was a runner who swore off soda because he thought it reduced his heart-lung capacity. 310 more words


Hyaluronic acid

This is not the newest of ingredients and don’t let acid scare you as it doesn’t strip the skin.. . Hyaluronic Acid and collagen are vital to maintain the skins structure.. 325 more words

Christine Doody


Smoking is responsible of killing more than 480,000 people per year, which includes second hand smoke.  Not only does smoking cause death it causes premature aging. 87 more words

Airbrush spray tans a safe alternative

Most people know the effects of tanning can be harmful to your skin. Tanning causes more wrinkles and premature aging. It can also cause cancer. 495 more words

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