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We are all home!

Friends, we are home!

Toby to continue on a four-hourly regime with an inhaler, plus two antibiotics to continue with. We’re to check in with our GP once he’s finished his anti-biotics, for a ‘once over’. 210 more words


9 November 2014 - Update - Sunday morning...

I was tempted to feel peed off yesterday when at 8pm, just as Toby had fallen asleep & I was about to do the same (bearing in mind I’d been up for 38 hours at this stage & Toby hadn’t done much better than me for sleep!) the nurse told me she was coming back to use the nebuliser on Toby at 10pm. 327 more words


7 November 2014 - Keep on a prayin'!

Hi all,

Doc not too happy with little Toby’s progress this morning.

Says he’s not happy that he’s had a fever for a week now, plus would have expected his breathing to have improved more than it has, given that he is well in to his antibiotics and has been taking steroids to keep airways open etc. 336 more words


6 November 2014 - Just a wee Toby update...

We’ve been seeing the doc each day at his request, so as to keep an eye. And we’ve been giving Toby steroids each day to keep airways open, plus antibiotics in case it’s a bacterial infection (just don’t know – may all be viral). 133 more words


Bonding remotely.

The birth of a premature child causes a great deal of stress. Parents often sit helpless at home. The powerless feeling and the separation influences the bonding process.  160 more words


premature baby clothes ideas please 3lb babies sizes


premature baby clothes ideas please 3lb babies sizes

So many babies wearing the identical supermarket style premature baby clothes where can you turn to for ideas that offer individuality? 49 more words

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Hugo's Legacy is helping other babies

For Hugo’s funeral we asked for floral tributes from close family only, with donations to our chosen charities: First Touch and Ronald McDonald House Tooting… 492 more words