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Painful dreaming: harmful or healing?

I was dragged into the world ten weeks early, courtesy of an emergency caesarian section. I was then intubated for over two months. My psychiatrist and I have been exploring this recently, as we the trauma of this experience created one of my other selves – baby me. 415 more words

Trauma-related Dissociation

HELLP Syndrome - Something You've Probably Never Heard Of

So what is it? It’s a condition that effects you when you are pregnant, and it can ruin your life. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either… 1,564 more words

HELLP Syndrome

Merry Christmas

This holiday week has been hectic to say the least:

My mom had surgery on her arm so I was taking care of her; my nieces are out of school so they we with us; cooking breakfast before work; cooking dinner after work; going TO work; shopping for holiday dinner; COOKING holiday dinner; cleaning the house for holiday guests; wrapping Christmas presents; and on and on and on…I could not have been happier to have a break from therapy sessions for my sweet pea! 203 more words


A note to my future self...for my daughter

When I arrived at the hospital at 22 weeks gestation, the resident on call came into my triage room and said, “I am so sorry mom, your water bag is hanging out, there is nothing we can do” I knew in that moment she was preparing me for pregnancy loss number 3…in that moment, I turned my face to the wall and promised God that if he allowed me to have my daughter, I would do everything in my power to raise her right…that meant a lifelong commitment from me to walk exemplary before God and my daughter…living an exemplary life before my daughter is not an option for me….He gave me what I asked for and now I give Him what I promised…but how? 385 more words


I started my life journey bright eyed and bushy tailed…I played with baby dolls and kitchen sets, I babysat for neighbors, family, and friends, I dated and hoped for a family of my own one day…when I became of age, I, like a lot of young ladies, wanted to be a wife and a mother. 412 more words


Volunteer Profile – Derek Brooks

You have seen Derek Brooks’ work, you just didn’t realize it. Derek is the Director of Audio Visual at Doubletree by Hilton in Williamsburg, Virginia, and he and his crew prepped the lighting for the 2014 March of Dimes… 297 more words

March Of Dimes

The Magnet

There’s a magnet that hangs on the side of our fridge. Most of the time I don’t notice it, or process that I’m seeing it. It’s been there a very long time, through two moves and almost fourteen years. 473 more words