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Tip 37: the PINT study

This study compared low and high haemoglobin thresholds for packed red blood cell (RBC) transfusion in premature infants <1000g. Thresholds were decided by days of age, type of sample and the presence or absence of respiratory support. 92 more words


Tip 181: surfactant for RDS

Prophylactic surfactant (100mg/kg) in the delivery room should be considered in:

  • Babies born <26/40
  • Babies born <31/40 who require intubation in the delivery room

Early… 81 more words


Tip 180: multivitamins

The purpose of prescribing multivitamins is to supplement vitamin A and vitamin D intake.

Dalivit is a suggested alternative to Abidec but contains almost 4 times the amount of vitamin A. 24 more words


Well, these multiples were 1 in 25 million chance!

That’s right, one in 25 million chance of identical quadruplets.

Naturally conceived Jake, Alfie, William and Sam Thomson are one of only 70 sets of identical quadruplets believed to be in the world. 49 more words


Friday Haiku: Prematurity

Why are you giving up now

Throwing in the towel

When the bell hasn’t even rang?


Tip 178: early corticosteroids for CLD

The use of early (< 8 days) corticosteroids reduced death or CLD at 28 days (RR 0.92 ) and at 36 weeks (RR 0.89 ). Other short-term benefits were successful extubation and closure of PDA. 86 more words


Tip 136: CLD

Chronic lung disease (CLD) is sometimes known by its histological finding – bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD).

There are a variety of definitions, but the most commonly accepted is: 59 more words