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Dear James

Dear James,
 Today you are three!  I forget sometimes that you are still just a little boy, you are so independent and grown up sometimes.  You’ve always been one to make your mark and make yourself known.   308 more words


Tip 151: CRIB score

The CRIB (Clinical Risk Index for Babies) score, and its update, CRIB II, are designed to predict mortality for infants born below 32/40.

They are based on specific criteria present in the first 12 hours of the infant’s life (to minimise treatment influences). 59 more words


Tip 150: oxygen and ROP

Giving supplemental oxygen in preterm infants with incompletely vascularised retina causes hyperoxia and vasoconstriction. This in turn may lead to local hypoxia, up‐regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor, and excessive proliferation of new vessels and fibrous tissue that invades the vitreous. 28 more words


Twins Days and Anniversaries

August 1st is already a special day, and this Friday it’s going to be even more special.  On the 2 year anniversary of my twins coming home from the hospital, we will be meeting the people that helped save my babies lives, and other fighters/survivors/heroes/strongest people in the world, like my boys. 551 more words


Dear Isaac...

Dear Isaac,
Today you turn 6!  I need two hands to show your age now.  When did you get so big on me?!

You are our oldest.   342 more words


Spotlight on a Vendor....Treasured Moments

Have you been to our website http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com if you haven’t been there check it out?  You might say why do you want me to go there now?   279 more words

A Story Of Faith