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Tip 185: postnatal growth failure 2

Indications for inadequate growth are:

  • Consistent weight loss over several days
  • When weight, length and/or head circumference velocity decreases over one week
  • When weight velocity alone decreases over two weeks.
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Tip 184: permissive hypercapnia

By tolerating higher pCO2 levels in the first few weeks of life for preterm infants, there is a reduction in the time on mechanical ventilation and its associated volutrauma and barotrauma. 60 more words


My Story

* A Little More About Me *

It was suggested to me by friends, family, my life coach and some of the hospital NICU staff that as part of “moving forward”  from the premature birth of my daughter (and the events of the year directly preceding her birth) that I record and share some of my NICU and prematurity experiences. 194 more words


9 January 2014 - Letter to GP post-cardiology appointment...

We have had a good cardiology appointment. Toby’s cardiology report is actually very positive. An operation seems very unlikely at this stage and the consultant was even talking about soon gradually removing the diuretics. 265 more words


8 January 2014 - Letter to GP - Feeding concerns mounting...

Hello, it’s Toby’s mum. Toby has only taken 165ml since 5am (first time I thought I would actually note it all down). He just woke up with an anguished cry (sounds like pain) out of a deep sleep, didn’t want to feed and settled back down again (he’s on me in the carrier). 83 more words


Toby smiled at me...

Toby smiled at me! At a corrected age of 5 weeks & 6 days, though nearly 14 weeks in the world, Toby gave me a smile (though I think his Grandma got his very first one yesterday on New Year’s Day!)


13 November 2013 - Trip to A&E...

In A&E waiting for Toby’s first intravenous shot of diuretics to flush fluid from the lungs. Brought him in today with Isobel at 12.30pm. Ed just been and gone with Isobel so I’m now here with him. 143 more words