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Louise Erdrich’s Chickadee: “Small Things Have Great Power”

Somehow, I stumbled upon Louise Erdrich’s Chickadee, a middle grade novel, possibly while I was googling around for information on its real-life namesake, my middle daughter’s favorite bird… 593 more words


Tip 25: NEC surgery

The main indications for surgery in NEC are: failure to respond to medical management, formation of a mass, perforation.

Reference: Rees, C.M., Hall, N.J., Eaton, S., et al. 20 more words


An Open Letter to the Oakland Athletics

Psssst…..Hey Athletics…yeah, you Donaldson, Vogt, Reddick, Lowrie, Crisp, Moss, Gomes, Fuld, Doolittle, Sogard, Gray, Norris and all your cohorts…Things have been kind of rough the last six weeks or so. 1,278 more words


Tip 162: late-onset GBS 2

Preterm neonates have the highest rates of late-onset GBS disease and mortality. Intrapartum antibiotics are associated both with delayed presentation of symptoms and milder disease however they are not sufficient to prevent the transmission of GBS to the newborn. 11 more words


Tip 161: the COIN trial

COIN is CPAP Or INtubation at birth for babies born at 25+0 – 28+6 weeks’ gestation.

There was no significant difference in the combined outcome of death or BPD at 36/40. 78 more words


Max's story

My son was born early, when I tell people this, they think a few weeks, when I then say he was born at 25 weeks, I get a look of shock, or confusion as it doesn’t sound right. 1,170 more words

The Kids

Tip 17: antenatal steroids

Treatment with antenatal corticosteroids is associated with an overall reduction in   neonatal death (RR 0.69), RDS (RR 0.66), IVH (RR 0.54),  NEC (RR 0.46),  intensive care admissions (RR 0.80) and systemic infections in the first 48 hours of life (RR 0.56). 27 more words