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What does concern me

I have sat quietly watching the current, inflamed debate over childhood vaccinations. I’m a serious conflict-avoider. I won’t get into that discussion now, as I don’t particularly feel like being chewed up and spit back out. 313 more words


Chance Encounter

We ran into Nurse Faith at Buy Buy Baby over the weekend. Nurse Faith (name changed) was one of Daphne’s regular nurses while she was in the NICU, and when Daphne graduated to Special Care, Faith ducked into our room from time to time to check in and see how Daphne was doing. 815 more words


Parents' evening

Parents’ evening was a pain when I was at school: my parents would come out generally pleased, but always, it seemed, with a caveat: Could do better. 320 more words


Measles Watch

Measles is back in the news again, as approximately 70 cases in 6 different states have been documented with links to the Disneyland outbreak. Measles is… 1,080 more words


Viability Day!

*cue confetti release*  Happy Viability Day!!

We sure celebrated today!  My mom treated us to Applebee’s takeout and brought us an orchid and a beautiful card.   2,054 more words

Tip 214: EPICure survival statistics of extreme prematurity

EPICure is a population-based study of extremely premature infants, looking at their survival and later health challenges. It was initially undertaken in 1995 (EPICure 1) and repeated in 2006 (EPICure 2). 43 more words


ECSE 641: Week 3

Respiratory Distress Syndrome

I believe one of the most important things to tell parents of new infants with this syndrome is a simple explanation of what it is- a condition in which the infant has trouble breathing because of being premature (the lungs are not mature) and not enough surfactant being present on the lungs (a substance that helps keep lung air sacs open so baby can breathe easily). 294 more words

Medical Needs