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Writing first draft? Never look back!

Hello there! Some time back I started on a new writing project. I had a new story brimming in my mind. I talked to my editor and what we discussed really set the charting of the characters’ journey in my mind. 536 more words


MMGM Series Recommendation: Real Mermaids Series by Helene Boudreau

Hey look! It’s only been two weeks and I have another MMGM!

This one is thanks to my Disney World reading spree. I read the first book in the Real Mermaids series a few years ago, but my local library didn’t have the second book. 522 more words


Finding the Designing Principle

Dearest Readers:

Yes, that’s new. I’m trying it out. Give it a chance. You might like it. I had the scare of my life tonight. OK, scare of the year. 280 more words


A New Perspective

Today, the word “argument” mostly means dispute, but it once meant one side of a debate. It still does in older or academic dialects. Not everyone holds these definitions, however. 208 more words


Thought provoking blog: Eternal rewards>Worldly lifestyle

How often do you find yourself looking at your current situation wondering what you can do to be more successful?  Perhaps, you are like me and are a perfectionist, and you are constantly looking to better and better in everything you do.   213 more words


A concept story

I always thought to write a story, I needed good characters and a good setting. Turns out, you need a concept.

So, what’s that? Check out this… 284 more words


Writing Musts: The Premise is a Promise

Grr, Endings!

On the outside looking in, endings seem so simple. We read a book that ends in an unsatisfactory manner, watch a season finale that seems to go nowhere, or finish a game that somehow drives us to making demands of its creators. 1,740 more words