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Fathering In The Mother Tongue

After speaking only Hebrew to his daughter for three years, Noam Scheiber explains why he decided to stop trying “to mold her in the Israeliness that shaped me as a kid”: 240 more words

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"Justice" Under Occupation

Dish alum Zack Beauchamp illustrates the consequences of the West Bank’s two-tiered criminal justice system on young Palestinians:

Take stone-throwing, a historically common Palestinian attack on Israelis that some Jewish settlers 

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Where The Males Have (Little) Vaginas And The Females Have (Big) Penises, Ctd

A reader calls the headline of this post “offensive and biologically wrong”:

A new sexuality is found in nature if it gets crunched down to chicks with dicks?

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Fatal Fury Premium (Pachislot) by SNK PLAYMORE



Fatal Fury Premium
The popular fighting game Fatal Fury will be released as Pachislot.
A specially designed “Wild Wolf” chassis takes on the form of a wolf and looks pretty cool! 85 more words


Peg Perego Convertible Premium Infant to Toddler Car Seat, Paloma

The safety and style of the Primo Viaggio car seat is now available as a Convertible. The Primo Viaggio SIP 5 70 Convertible can hold a child in rear facing position up to 45 pounds and in forward facing position up to 70 pounds. 74 more words

Crazy Cups Coffee Tea and Cocoa Premium Sampler

The system is simple to use: You simply insert the K-cup of your choice and it pierces both the top and bottom. The brewer then forces hot water through the cup, brewing your coffee, and into your mug at the bottom. 382 more words


Swingline Premium Heavy Duty Staples 34 Leg 100 Per

These staplers are comparable towards the classic Tot units, but they’ve a distinctive stand-up design and are accessible in several translucent colors, which means which they appear very awesome. 293 more words