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Mother's Intuition

When my second daughter was young, we were playing at a park and she kept walking in front of the swings. I had a few visions of her with a face full of gravel, blood coming down over the pink butterflies on one side of her coat. 578 more words

I think I know about the upside down bed dream on 1/3/15

My mom is pretty desperate about my dad.  He is a hoarder and turning violent.  The house isn’t so bad as you see TV.  Only the basement,his office his bedroom his corner of the living room with his chair and a two story barn he calls his studio ….you can’t walk in any these places.   235 more words


Twin babies cooked?


The tall bearded balding glasses wearing doctor said “man they cooked so bad their boogers are burnt”.  then a vision of an IV being put into a tiny arm. 31 more words

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Once While I Was Away, by pd Lyons

You might have come

Expecting awkward greeting won by

Philosophic well planned answers to

What you thought my unasked questions were -

Accidental touch

Silent linger hands… 56 more words

Pdlyons Photography

Hall of Fame -- From the Hip

All is right in the world.

The “old school” has angered the “new school” with their firm grasp of “tradition” and they are being attacked by “progressives”. 2,109 more words


The bed turns upsidedown

I seem to be on my mothers bed ,in her house, on my hands and knees riding the turbulent bed and then it tips to roll over and i’m breathing really hard, panting and BOOM!! 172 more words

Journal Entries