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“Premonitions” at The Naming Gallery by Ruth Crossman

Hey Everyone… I am so please to present this guest post, written by Ruth Crossman, who’s generously offered to share her wonderful in-depth profile of The Naming Gallery, another fantastic addition to Oakland’s ever-expanding collection of galleries and art spaces. 1,053 more words


Prémonitions (1)

“- Vite! Changes-toi! Mets ta plus belle robe et un peu de maquillage… Fais-toi belle ce soir

- Mais de quoi tu parles? Il est déjà 20H du soir…  Si tu veux sortir quelque part, vas-y sans moi. 669 more words



A piece of news sometimes can be chucked into your life like a grenade, blasting your reality into a million disbelieving fragments. Your whole being resists it, like water droplets, unabsorbed, on a polished surface. 578 more words

Wordle #2

The wordle contains 12 words those words are:

1. Cellular (can abbreviate to cell if you want to use it in reference to a Cellular phone) 41 more words

Prompt Challenge

In Which I Have My Reasons

Dear readers, feel free to skip the next weeks of upcoming posts as I will be processing my recent break up. This blog is primarily for nothing more than my own venting purposes, but since one or two people seem to stumble upon my blog every now and again (and a few have even elected to follow it–heaven knows why!) I  figured it was only fair to give a bit of warning. 826 more words


more on paranormal, mediums,clairvoyants, psychics, ect.

Last night, with my fiance advising against me doing, so- because he feels I’m not strong enough to close a portal once it’s been opened, and it’s very important you do so once you are finished with what I did- (if you don’t close what you open, other spirits, entities, and often not in the good sense may come through) I chose for the first time to try and contact his best friends mother who had passed after a long battle of cancer last year. 776 more words

premonition- dreams- all things unexplained.

I have dreams, very vivid dreams, lucid dreams, often premonitions in dreams. They always come true. Some good, some bad, some vague so I have to watch for signs and what’s going on in the dream. 1,006 more words