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Origins: Jamie Schultz on Premonitions

A member of my writer’s group, the North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop, Jamie Schultz has published his first novel, Premonitions. It’s a fast-paced urban fantasy and crime novel that blends modern-day thieves with magic, dark gods and cults. 690 more words


The Sunflower Saga, Synchronicity and the NAPC

In a life of extreme synchronicity, prophetic dreams and generally inexplicable things, the following series of events comes in very close to the top of strangeness. 3,920 more words


I Am Ready For A Happy Ending

Today has ended up being a “duh” day.  I slept too much, and when I got up I simply had no idea what I should do with myself.  394 more words


Living on Borrowed Time?

Dad wanted to manage my finances. He knew I couldn’t balance a checkbook if my life depended upon it, and I knew he was more than capable of doing the job. 926 more words

Prémonitions 12

Si vous avez raté la partie précédente, cliquez Ici … si vous venez de découvrir, commencez dès le début, c’est beaucoup mieux ^^ Ici 

Il me regarda droit dans les yeux, prit mes mains dans les siennes et me dit d’une voix si tendre et pleine d’émotions : 1,168 more words


Flying, dog dying, stomach gulp

Dreamt I showed some how i could fly-i have this dream so much i actuly try it in the backyard. just flap your arms…..
so then i see in the morning how “how t train your dragon” movie and the flying scene made me cry cuz i did that in my dream fly like the dragon…. 82 more words

Journal Entries

rooms of body bags

Dreamt and woke 4 am – why always about 4 am?

walking through rooms full of tables and body bags on them with stiff bodies in them. 137 more words

Journal Entries