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3 Days Post Op

It seems like just a dream.  I can’t believe last week I was pregnant, abstaining from coffee, wine and sushi.  Life is so different now and I don’t want it to be.   50 more words

The English Must Really Hate Chewing.

Oh Peanut.

I’m working from home today (taking a lunch break to write to you) and I walked in on your dad finishing up lunch.  He’s making a pasta salad. 403 more words

Letters From Mom

This Prenatal Vitamin is in Isotonic form, meaning that it is in powder form and can be mixed with water or juice for consumption.

Why is a Prenatal Vitamin important?   55 more words

Good Reading

Prenatal Dreams

That title isn’t some sugary intro into a post about dreams for my unborn baby, or any sappy expectations or hopes or a creepy fan fiction-level story about my future children and their doubtlessly amazing lives to come. 627 more words


Complete Your Baby’s Nutrition with Prenatal Vitamins

If you want to make sure that your unborn child is getting the nutrition he needs for his proper growth and development, you need to know how prenatal vitamins work and why doctors recommend them every time. 533 more words


Big Ups

SO I made it to practice today! Big ups! But… I only lasted 45 minutes. I was feeling experimental and I took both the prenatal vitamin and the antidepressant an hour before with a slice of pizza. 54 more words

Gearing Up

It’s been a little over week since we got the news. My, how time is flying already. But we’re ready for this, and it’s pumped into my veins a sort of giddy adrenaline that has made me ultra-productive, while at the same time taking my stomach for a ride that could be described in words that I’ll not post here. 158 more words