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Do social media prenups make sense?

As if the discussion with your spouse-to-be around whether to have a prenuptial agreement isn’t tough enough; there’s something else that you might want to include in that conversation — a social media prenup. 228 more words


Amber Rose gets over $1million from prenup

TMZ has more tidbits on the Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa divorce. Amber will reportedly get over a million dollars from Wiz, based on a prenuptial agreement they both signed before they wedded. 124 more words


Living Together May Lead To A Break Up

First comes love, then comes marriage? Not so much anymore. According to the latest statistics, in 68-percent of relationships, a couple’s first union isn’t marriage; it’s moving in together. 250 more words


In Contentious Divorce Case, Multibillionaire's Wife Asks Judge to Void Prenup

(CHICAGO) — The wife of multibillionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin is asking a judge to throw out the prenuptial agreement that she says was signed under duress. 439 more words


You Make a Huge Salary But Your Spouse Does Not: Are Prenups Right For You?

(Original Article) If you’re considering marriage and are a young degreed professional who has never been married, the best advice to give is to try to wait until you’re 30 years old if possible, assuming you’re not already engaged. 942 more words

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Turn your marriage vows into a binding contract

Throughout most of recorded human history, marriage was a means for consolidating wealth, improving social status and creating a miniature labor force from the fruits of one’s loins. 888 more words

Would You Sign A Social Media Pre-Nup Before Getting Married?

Prenuptial agreements have been around forever! They are put in place to protect each persons assets in the event of a divorce. Most celebrities have one and it’s a good idea because the fail rate of celebrity marriages is pretty high. 373 more words