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Turn your marriage vows into a binding contract

Throughout most of recorded human history, marriage was a means for consolidating wealth, improving social status and creating a miniature labor force from the fruits of one’s loins. 888 more words

Would You Sign A Social Media Pre-Nup Before Getting Married?

Prenuptial agreements have been around forever! They are put in place to protect each persons assets in the event of a divorce. Most celebrities have one and it’s a good idea because the fail rate of celebrity marriages is pretty high. 373 more words


When do you need a Family Lawyer?

Sensitive situations that involve a couple, the kids and the entire family demand a systematic resolution process. In most cases, there are emotions involved, as well as money and property, not to mention the future of the family that is at risk. 418 more words

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What can you do with a Prenuptial Agreement?

What can you do with a prenuptial agreement?

There is actually a number of things you can do:

1. Keep finances separate

Every state has laws designating certain kinds of assets accumulated during marriage as marital property or community property, even if these assets are held in the name of just one spouse. 371 more words

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A Prenuptial Agreement Does Question Integrity

I’m not a huge fan of reality shows because I’m skeptical about just how much of the “reality” is realized for TV. Skepticism of content aside, some of these shows do highlight some issues some of us experience in our own lives. 1,118 more words