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Where the kids take it...

This year my school has been implementing a Reggio-inspired program in which dedicated time each week is spent exploring certain provocations and seeing where the students want to take the direction of the sessions using the Arts. 310 more words


Are You Warming Up or Cooling Down?

Are you warming your players up, or keeping them cool?

By now I would have hoped that the days were over of teams rolling up to the ballpark and running their players out to centerfield, where they will circle-up and begin the usual stretches: “Feet together, down…up. 578 more words


The Liebster Awards Tag

People are constantly talking about the death of blogging and how blogs receive absolutely no page views nowadays, so you might as well not even go through the trouble of starting one. 596 more words


I was given this training program by a friend to help me on this trip which has been a great place to start.

I had to look at my own fitness level and ask myself would I call myself cycle fit. 178 more words


{Between Two Belles} ♥ Elle Stays Dedicated

Hey Prepsters!

Hey y’all! My motivation behind this segment is to acquaint y’all to some of the most inspirational and fabulous women I know. Each Wednesday you’ll be introduced to another “Belle”, get to know them, and gain a little knowledge. 592 more words


The Skills of Spotting, Scrounging, and Scavenging

Source: Survival Blog

The best prepping will only take you so far. Just like when folks go on a vacation, things are forgotten, not anticipated, or broken. 384 more words