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Why a .22 should be one of your SHTF guns

The .22 rimfire is a great cartridge and caliber,plus it’s fairly quiet compared to a 5.556/.223.

A .22 can feed you if need be,capable of killing squirrels,rabbits,even a feral hog-if you make the right shot. 290 more words


Prepping Myth: When SHTF You Will Bug Out To The Woods


By Pat Henry

I wanted to address a few common misconceptions that I think some people have with how they plan to address a SHTF event in their lives. 1,381 more words


What If The SHTF While You’re On Vacation?

By Ken Jorgustin

You are enjoying a well deserved vacation when the worst happens – SHTF!

Not just a small localized disaster, but a true SHTF event. 298 more words


“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is on its own wings.”  –  Unknown


How Do You Know If Its The "Big One"?

We always talk about the “Big One”. “When the Big One hits”. If its the “Big One”…. If there’s a little tremor (in Wellington, a “small one” is probably anywhere around a 4), we look at each other and wonder “is that a foreshock, will there be a 5, or a 6 or…a “Big One” in 10, 20 minutes from now. 106 more words

Big Earthquake

Earthquakes - What To Do

The City Council has a large amount of information on its website on what to do during and after an earthquake. The Council also has a number of preparation initatives. 51 more words