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Emergency Preperation - Wherever You Live

Whether it’s an industrial accident that releases toxic chemicals into the water supply as happened in West Virginia in recent memory, or a Katrina or Hurricane Sandy type event, or the jolt of an earthquake in California, people very often find themselves without electricity, running water, natural gas, and many other supplies and services for a period of time. 730 more words

Strong Towns

Ebola is Here,Now what?

There is now a confirmed case of ebola in a Dallas hospital.

The person with ebola arrived here on a flight from Liberia.

Apparently it just makes too much sense to ban all flights from West Africa,and deny entry to any person that was recently in W. 815 more words


Disaster preparedness: Key links to know

Emergency officials recommend preparing for disasters now by making a family emergency plan and putting together an emergency supply kit.

Key checklists:


Rational of the existing

Not any of what we have is ours to own.  Nothing in “IT”, in “THEM”, in “HIM/HER”, or “To that ONE THING”. One day, all those that you consider precious will soon be gone, and the moment will arrive at an indefinite time. 60 more words

Present Moment

Is Preparedness a Sin; Take Two

Any time I get questions on the same topic that I haven’t covered in a while, I take it as a sign to go over it again. 925 more words


How to Prepare without Your Spouse Knowing

By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

How many of you woke up to prepping before anyone else around you did? As I have shared on the pages of the Prepper Journal before, I started getting into Prepping back in 2008. 1,391 more words