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Grocery Shopping from Home

Plan your families meals, reduce food prep time and make sure you have quality, healthy ingredients to cook meals your family loves- even in an emergency.

Food Storage

Preparedness: Backup Power

Power is necessary for many things in our homes and is a welcome comfort after/during a survival situation or short-term emergency. Power can keep the food in your refrigerator and freezer fresh and your heat on. 709 more words


When Water Doesn’t Work: How to Fight a Metal Fire

By Josh

Most people know how to douse your average fire: you chuck water on it until it dies down. However, there are other classes of fire that are not so easily quenched and few are so deadly to people as a metal fire. 1,238 more words


A Spring In Your Kit

Now is the time of year when you’ll want to start making the switch from your cold weather kit to your warm weather kit in preparation for those 80-degree days. 192 more words


Staying Alive and Ready During A Survival Crisis

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest.  You should live the way you want, work at something you enjoy doing, reside where you want and get as much satisfaction from life as possible.  324 more words


On the Bougainvillea and Mitigation

Mit-i-gate verb: make less severe, serious or painful.

Removing a dead bougainvillea is a slow deliberate process. It must be done carefully to prevent bloodshed. Vicious thorns found on every twig and branch attack with little provocation. 544 more words


RIP Michael Ruppert. You deserve it.

I didn’t know him personally, but I was a follower of his original website From the Wilderness since its inception in the late 90′s.  He was a brilliant, flawed, tortured man with a message that is too hard to hear (i.e., understand and act on) for most. 44 more words

The Dreaded Politics