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Prepositions of time, place and movement

I know you love the wonderful world of prepositions. So do I. Well, I’ve found these two wonderful presentations about the prepositions we have to deal with and I would like to share them with you. 162 more words


Byte Sized Baseball

In a discussion with a US friend about sport recently, it got me thinking about how this high contact sport is similar to learning English, I guess I’m just wired like that… 474 more words


Preposition Parade

Critique partners have always been great giving me pages of helpful feedback, but no one ever said “Whoa, you’ve got too many prepositions.” Why would they? 383 more words


JOY in failing in teaching moments

I am not doing any rigorous homeschooling (yet). I believe that it is more important for her to play and explore now that she is three. 568 more words

Are you on or are you in?

auf dem Dachboden – “in the attic”

im ersten Stock – “on the first floor”

I’d never have thought about this difference if I hadn’t been asked whether you say “on” or “in” the attic. 124 more words

Daily Post

Prepositions unplugged (1)

Abbiamo parlato già di preposizioni e continueremo a parlarne essendo un oggetto di studio piuttosto ostico. Questa volta diamo un’occhiata non tanto al problema della non corrispondenza tra l’inglese e l’italiano quanto alla differenza di significato (e quindi di uso) tra diverse coppie di preposizioni comuni. 1,110 more words


Homework for Wednesday January 21

Hi guys,

Hope you weren´t too tired when you left today! The lessons between 3-5 are the toughest, in my opinion. Today we talked about yes/no questions and short answers, word order, time expressions and how to correct your written work. 214 more words

Word Order