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Are you excited? (It's a question of prepositions)

There is a curious linguistic trend I’ve observed. It concerns the preposition linked with the word “excited”.

Before we get too enthused, let me remind you that a preposition is a word which indicates a relationship in time or space between two elements of a sentence, clause or phrase. 454 more words


August 28, 2014

  1. Bell-ringer:  correct the following sentence:  In books like hawaii and centennial james Michener includes an history of the lands’ and information about animals that live on them  (11 errors)
  2. 76 more words

Practise your Grammar: Unnecessary Prepositions!

You and every other English learner on the planet probably hates English prepositions!  Why oh why are there so many, and what on earth is the pattern?! 69 more words

Prepositions and Adverbs

This is a continuation of the Foundations series, Building Blocks.  The lessons introduces some common adverbs and prepositions.  There will be more on Prepositions and Adverbs soon but I wanted to break this lesson into different sections. 37 more words

SoCS - Above and Beyond

Until now, I haven’t had much trouble coming up with something for SoCS, but today, I have been a bit distracted! In addition to writing a SoCS post, I still want to finish my numerical French count-down post. 295 more words


Out of Pocket

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday post is: “Start with a preposition.”  That’s it! Have fun!  This post is response to SoCS at http://lindaghill.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-august-2314/.    Italics… 554 more words


SoCS: Up from out of in under there!

Under the weather is what I am feeling like (is that a proper grammatical sentence ?) , what with the work consuming most of my time without breaks, holidays, weekends. 394 more words