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Class 23july 2014

Last week I missed class. I texted each student to have a conversation.
Wow! I have a lot of catching up to do. Many posts to write from the past. 548 more words


Foam Stickers Exercise

Got foam stickers? Great way to target prepositions! Today we had our ocean animals go in the water, next to the seaweed, under the sun, and on top of the rock.

Speech And Language Therapy

4.3 Possessive Adjectives


Possessive adjectives are used to show possession of a noun (person, place, thing). In English, we use my, your, his, her, its, our, and their to expression possession. 296 more words


A Proposition for Prepositions

Which prepositions  go with which words? This is what the CMS has to say:

“You fill A with B but instill B into A; you replace A with B but substitute B for A; you prefix A to B but preface B with A; you force A into B but enforce B on A; finally, A implies B, so you infer B from A. 125 more words
Daily Fix

Continuing: The World Cup and Prepositions

Today I’m continuing the post about Prepositions, which I started on June 29, 2014.  (The World Cup and Prepositions)

In that post, I explained the following: 245 more words

Intermediate (Level 4)

A funny headline at which to laugh

Some writers are so convinced that you should never, ever end a sentence with a preposition, that they create tortured language that challenges the reader to understand their meaning. 32 more words