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prep work for "glen"

Hello I’m working with “Glen” on his understanding of in, on and under.

-click here for PDF preopsition activies handout for parents

So far we have used objects and I’ve given instructions “put the frog in the box”. 345 more words


History of Prepositions

Over and over again, students who are learning English tell me how difficult it is for them to learn prepositions. They ask questions such as “Am I  1,026 more words

Easter Sensory Box

With Easter just around the corner it is fun to create some themed activities for our little clients.


I’ve taken a leaf out of Laura Mize’s book (Speech-Language Pathologist) from ‘Teach Me To Talk’ and have created my very own Easter sensory box.   491 more words


Just Stay

Just Stay 

Fill in each blank below with an appropriate article (a, an, the or 0). Answer each question & tell a partner before you continue reading: 1,127 more words


prepositions and conjunctions: tips

1. Know that a preposition brings many senses in its meaning,

  • Sense of position.
  • Sense of time.
  • Sense of direction.
  • Other senses (there is a long list of them).
  • 326 more words


Scampi: I smell trouble.

Peter: You are trouble.

Scampi: Me?

Peter: You.

Scampi: Humph. That was uncalled for.

Peter: How’d you get that black eye? 286 more words