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Twee zones, drie strippen

Learning directions and asking for directions is really useful let alone really important. I have covered a previous topic on directions and was pretty sure I’d blogged on it but I can’t find it now to add the link to “Twee straat, links”. 582 more words



Tonight’s Theme: Potluck!


  • Tonight was a potluck!  A potluck is a party where everyone brings a dish to share.  Thank you to everyone for attending and for bringing delicious food to share.
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Fixed Prepositions

  • een hekel hebben aan iets -to hate something
    Ik heb een hekel aan roken.
  • stikken van iets – to be full of something
    Haar huiswerk stikt van de fouten.
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Tonight’s Theme: E-mails, Verbs, and Prepositions


  • Don’t forget: Next week on Tuesday is a potluck (party) in class!
  • We reviewed elements of formal and informal e-mails.  
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Lots to Wonder about: Working with Prepositions

In my next video lesson on prepositions, I plan to tackle about and of. I’m going to limit the number of possible combinations to give learners a chance to retain them. 56 more words

Jennifer Lebedev

Learn English: Using 'for' and 'during'

ESL Students often make errors with  English  prepositions we use for time. So in this little post today, I want to give ESL students an easy way to remember and learn when and how to use ‘for’ and ‘during’. 213 more words

Learning English