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Buzzfeed, an inspirational website for people who know how to procrastinate, recently published an article entitled “24 Words That Are Better in German… 1,129 more words

Finding the Right Tools to Build an Understanding of Prepositions

It never fails. Every time I start a new grammar topic on YouTube, I am surprised by how much I don’t know. I think it’s the idea of committing to an explanation and sending it out to thousands of learners that makes me dig and dig until I arrive at a feeling of certainty. 202 more words

Jennifer Lebedev

Pay One, Get Three

The lengths today’s companies would go to, German or otherwise.

On the other hand, how else would one learn that:

  • Brille means ‘spectacles’, is feminine, and its plural form is…
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Using Songs to Learn English


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#Prepositions of place      #Past Simple (telling stories)

Prepositions of Place

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions of place to describe the locations of various things in the bedroom below. You may choose from the prepositions in the word box. 205 more words


Are you excited? (It's a question of prepositions)

There is a curious linguistic trend I’ve observed. It concerns the preposition linked with the word “excited”.

Before we get too enthused, let me remind you that a preposition is a word which indicates a relationship in time or space between two elements of a sentence, clause or phrase. 455 more words