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Why Your Survival Cache Must Include An Air Rifle

By  Nicholas O. – Off The Grid News

As a survivalist or prepper, having a personal arsenal of weapons for security and hunting purposes is important. 350 more words


Plans Fail → Skills Endure

By Todd Walker – Survival Sherpa

All the Survival Blogs in the world… cannot save you!

Coming from a fellow survival blogger, this may seem a bit strange. 1,125 more words


Getting Your Family Interested in Prepping: Some Advice From a “Millennial”

By  Commmon Sense Prepper - Prepared For That

Sometimes getting your family to be apart of your prepping activities can be more difficult than acquiring your actual preps! 386 more words


WaterSafe Drinking Water Test Kit Review

This article was originally written for reThinkSurvival.com

I was sent this WaterSafe Drinking Water Test Kit for review. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I truly needed it but I figured it couldn’t hurt to test my water as I’ve never done this where we live and, of course, it’s better to KNOW my water is good rather than to ASSUME it is. 569 more words


Ways To Preserve Meat

By Ken Jorgustin – The Modern Survival Blog

The problem of storing meat for use all year round is an old one. While examining your food storage preparedness with regards to meat, consider the following ways to preserve meat: 247 more words


And Gently Down.

A quote from a children’s film, FLUSHED AWAY actually.
The character (Roddy the rat) watches his soon to be girl friend jumping and swinging across all sorts of obstacles and landing intact VERY gracefully. 273 more words


Reviews Mostly Positive Following Metal-Detector Debut At Yankee Stadium

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Wearing a navy blue New York Yankees shirt, Jonathan Freedman lined up with other fans outside Gate 2 on Jerome Avenue and East 164th Street. 636 more words


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