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Slumber Not

Walls that aren’t
And light that flares

Smells that you taste
And sounds you once heard

Words that torment
And sights you regret

None knows those demons… 28 more words


It gets better from tomorrow

Today is a celebration day for us.
21st December 2014.
Why? Because it’s the shortest day, the winter solstice!
Sunrise will be 0814 h Sunset 1559 h… 153 more words


TEOTWAWKI aka Christmas

Is WW3 just round the corner or something?
Did we miss the signs of an oncoming Armageddon?

We made a small mistake yesterday.  We walked into town. 318 more words


Knotty Problems

I’ve had an interesting day guiding SWMBO through the basic knots of marine working. Why she didn’t beat me over the head with the frying pan will remain a mystery to me as I had her learning how to tie a:- 260 more words


Is Your Home Safe? 10 Ways to Defend Your Apartment

By Fred Tyrell – SurvivoPedia

It’s your home, it’s comfortable and cozy although it’s only a studio apartment, but is it safe? It may be impossible to leave your small urban apartment during crisis, and you might be forced to survive in there for months. 164 more words


Ten Items for Your Home During A Short Term Power Outage

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

You have lost power.

It’s going to be a short term power outage. What are some of the things that might be nice to have during this time? 142 more words


Maximizing Every Inch Of Land On Your Homestead

By JD Lara - Off The Grid News

There’s a variety of ways you can maximize the efficiency of your homestead, and one of them is through zoning. 479 more words