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UKIP aka New Tory

After Rochester, UKIP Leader Farage looks to the future.

BBC News‎ – 20 hours ago
Nigel Farage has said UKIP can become a major force in Parliament at next year’s election. 149 more words


Kicked off

Hi folks especially my regular followers.
It’s 23rd November 2014 and things aren’t quite right.

It seems that Word Press has had a bit of a tilt and regular readers will find they need to renew any links they have to my site. 40 more words


If Ebola isn't enough try plague

This report from The Guardian

An outbreak of the plague has killed 40 people out of 119 confirmed cases in Madagascar since late August and there is a risk of the disease-spreading rapidly in the capital, the World Health Organization has said. 70 more words


Survival Gear: Tools to Get You through Any Crisis

By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

If I only had a … Have you ever caught yourself saying that? I don’t mean when you are sitting in the living room watching a football game and the commercials for the Big… 1,632 more words


People Today Need To Obtain The Security Of A Firearm BEFORE Times Get Tough

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

When our false economy finally implodes (and it will), times will get tough, and worse.

Some believe that we will very likely experience a ‘Greater Depression’ and a devastating breakdown of our civilized social fabric – leading to extremely difficult and possibly very dangerous violent times. 89 more words


Bugging in Place and Making Your Stand

By Lucas Nicholson - SurvivoPedia

One look at the state of world events should convince anyone that we are precariously close to an imminent crisis of unparalleled proportions. 173 more words


The Very Best Vegetables To Grow In An Unheated Greenhouse

By Kristen Duever - Off The Grid News

Eating fresh produce all winter is a gardener’s dream. There is a sense of pride and satisfaction from eating vegetables you grew in your own garden. 290 more words