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The Pounds Of Snow On Your Roof May Literally Weigh Tons

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

You might be very surprised to discover how much snow weighs up on your roof, and the stress and potential danger your home or building might be to roof collapse after heavy accumulation… 156 more words

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Stand To

“Hurry up and wait”, many soldiers will know,
But the wait is so telling on your body and your soul.

“Stand to, stay quiet, stay low” 58 more words


Preparing 9 Water

Stored water will be the single bulkiest item you will have to store. You can choose between some of those big 10 gallon jugs, or two liter bottles. 705 more words

End Times

Tools, the humble pry bar.

Aka crowbar, wrecking bar, pinch-bar, prise bar, spud bar, jimmy, or gooseneck.

All names for the same thing, a steel bar for opening things.
Don’t forget the longer the bar is, the more force you can apply. 114 more words


God Is Not A Prepper

Let me say from the outset that I am not an anti-prepper. I believe setting aside some rainy-day funds or supplies is appropriate if you have children, elderly parents or others who depend on you for their daily needs. 801 more words

UK Army Top Brass to be Culled

YeeHa. About time too.
Apparently the army top brass (Staff Officers) are up for being made redundant aka put out to grass.

About time the shiny trousers (pants) scrambled eggs (gold braid) on their hats brigade felt the pain the grunts have been feeling. 68 more words