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UK National Anthem

We haven’t got a national anthem in the United Kingdom.
OK we’ve got a really tired one we all drone to i.e. God save the queen. 403 more words


Tool Sort Out

Only 9,999 items to sort through and the boat will be neat and squared away.

Today it was my trade tools i.e. traps, knives, arms and ammunition. 398 more words


Preparedness Week 2014

This month is National Preparedness Month. It makes me cringe just a little, when I hear “preparedness.” It makes me think of preppers, which makes me think of the over-the-top paranoid prepper/survivialists you see on TV and that everyone makes fun of. 352 more words


Everything is awesome/the world is about to end

So, where do you fall in that statement?  I have friends on both sides; some aren’t quite Doomsday Preppers but think like them, others figure the world is a shining example of civilization and everything will be wonderful forever. 374 more words

Monkey Matters

A study published in the scientific journal Nature concludes that chimpanzees kill each other to eliminate rivals and gain better access to territory, mates, food or other resources. 54 more words


BBC gets thumped

The BBC has formally complained to the Russian authorities after a news team was beaten and a camera destroyed in an assault by “unidentified men” on the Russia/Ukraine border. 131 more words


Building Survival Skills with Children, Part 2: Walk and Role

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mother of 6, it’s that kids learn best by doing. To really grasp a concept they need to get their hands (and feet, and face, and clothes) dirty. 451 more words