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Faraday Shields for Preppers


By Charles Henry

Everybody throws around the term “Faraday shields” or Faraday cages, but let’s be specific about what it is and how it is a must item for preppers. 1,003 more words

How To Do Things For Yourself

Prepper Custom Service; Plans Evaluations and Advice

I offer my services to evaluate your prepper plans, equipment, and goals.  Send first email describing what you need and I will quote a price via PayPal.   7 more words

How To Do Things For Yourself

Oil Confusion

Oil got complicated and no one bothered to tell me.
I’m now absolutely convinced I’m a dinosaur!

Take a simple request at a “specialist” motor factors shop. 320 more words


Freedom of Speech

What you think you ever had that!
Even better if you thought you lived in a democratic country!
Anyway, even if you did have it, what would you do with it? 648 more words


Buy Gold!

If ever something riles me it’s the pseudo gods of survival preaching this.
What a sheer waste of time, effort, and ultimately your money.

Just imagine buying food, fuel, or whatever with precious metals down your local 7-11. 532 more words


Shopping Day

A non prepping but frugal living article (sort of).
We went shopping in the “big city”! Wow.
Being on a fixed income that can be a bit challenging in the UK BUT we use all the little shops, the cut price outlets and not the retail giants aka Tesco or Aldi. 280 more words


TRAP - Whatever gear you have will get lost or break when you need it most.

Ah yes, this is a tricky one to be sure. What I am getting at takes a minute to relay to you…I’m having to relive all those frustrating moments from my past. 126 more words

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