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Went for a drive

Last night we visited our local seaside resort (town).
It’s only 30 miles away but we’ve never been there at night.
A fun trip we thought. 516 more words


52 Weeks for One Year Supply

52 Weeks

One Year supply for two people

Thought some of you may want this.  I have had a few requests for it.  It is also in the Personal Preparedness Portfolio as a part of the Long Term Self Reliance Module. 622 more words

Laurie Nguyen reblogged this on My Foray Into Food Storage and commented:

Great plan to build a year supply of food. I've shared two other plans before, and they are great, but it's nice to have another option. If you'd like to see the two previous 52 week food storage plans, they are here and here.

How to clip a chickens wings (with links)

I will be soon having to clip the wings to prevent flying off to escape, so here are some links for you most with diagrams.  I don’t think you do it on a chicken as young as the one in the picture.  168 more words


bees and smart meters

A couple of weeks ago published a comment received from a friend about the behaviour of her bees after the installation of SMart Meters.  This week, she had commented of a large die-off of her bee population, attributing this to the smart meters. 943 more words


Silent and Deadly

No, not the methane I produce after a decent curry, the shooting side of things.

A discussion with another about self-defense weapon choice centered on two “absolutely important to him” factors. 764 more words



At last it looks like we’re on the move to a new location, smaller (problem one), nearer to civilization (problem two), and without a tool shed (problem three to ninety-nine). 372 more words



So a busy day today first day off from the anchor I call work. I stared my day running to several stores. First stop was to Kimberton Whole Foods to pick up some sprouting seeds (more on that in my next post). 205 more words