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This Is What a Currency Collapse Looks Like

by Mac Slavo
December 17, 2014

This Is What a Currency Collapse Looks Like: Shopping Frenzy: “We Have A Lot Of Rubles Losing Value Every Second” 1,066 more words


Ouch go the legs (Again)

Three steps forward for two back.
That’s about how much progress I’ve made today.
A simple twist of a knee and I’m back on sticks big time. 679 more words


7 Ways to Lighten Your Bug Out Bag

In just a couple of weeks a lot of you are going to be making New Year’s resolutions and according to our good old government… 1,147 more words


Watching you do everything.

Forget cyber security, that’s a done deal as far as I’m concerned.
A simple case of there isn’t any.

Heres an interesting article on a real clear and present danger. 332 more words


Legal and Lustration

I while ago I did a piece entitled Don’t Yell At Terrorist Suspects.

A bit from it:-

Yet there is that thing from a UK legal firm ‘Public Interest Lawyers’. 144 more words


Breaking Preparedness News: Montana Verdict: Stand Your Ground Law Not A License To Kill || The Truth About Guns


In the wake of the George Zimmerman trial, gun control advocates (and race hustlers) demanded the repeal of “stand your ground” laws. Although the laws simply remove the legal obligation to retreat when attacked, and Zimmerman’s defense team never evoked … … 31 more words