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An unusual day

I promised not to wax lyrical about the boat BUT (not to put a finer point on it) It’s a BEAUT!

29th July
Collected the boat (and pilot). 896 more words


Is Cotton Really the Worst Clothing for Preppers?

By Pat Henry

If you have ever bounced around backpacker sites, watched YouTube videos or researched hiking the Pacific Coast trail, you may have heard the phrase “cotton kills”. 1,272 more words


Why You Need to Take a First-Aid Class for Survival: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

By Commmon Sense Prepper

Today we’re looking at some survival knowledge from around the web, with some helpful commentary from us to help you decide which to read. 499 more words


7 Life Priorities For Effective Change

By Ken Jorgustin

Check out these seven priorities to being highly effective in what you do while adapting to change and while taking advantage of the opportunities that change creates. 324 more words


America’s Militia Movement is Back From the Dead

Joshua Krause
The Daily Sheeple

During the 1990′s the growth of the militia movement surged at the heels of several national events. The Cold War had finally ended, but suspiciously, the United States’ global military apparatus did not shrink away. 906 more words

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Canning, canning, cooking, and more canning.

I’ve been at my other half’s place for the last few days, and I have been canning and trying to teach her how to pressure can stuff. 318 more words

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