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A Letter to Our Mayor

I just sent the following letter to our Mayor. Please feel free to copy and modify for your own use if you feel so led. 606 more words

Monkey Matters

A study published in the scientific journal Nature concludes that chimpanzees kill each other to eliminate rivals and gain better access to territory, mates, food or other resources. 54 more words


BBC gets thumped

The BBC has formally complained to the Russian authorities after a news team was beaten and a camera destroyed in an assault by “unidentified men” on the Russia/Ukraine border. 131 more words


Building Survival Skills with Children, Part 2: Walk and Role

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mother of 6, it’s that kids learn best by doing. To really grasp a concept they need to get their hands (and feet, and face, and clothes) dirty. 451 more words


United, untied, or whatever

Tomorrow sees a referendum on Scotland becoming a separate country.
If it happens, the UNITED Kingdom will become the UNTIED kingdom.

Something that I’ve been calling it for a VERY LONG TIME. 241 more words


Simple Gas Storage Rotation Plan

By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

Most people would agree that it is good to have some spare fuel stored for the off chance that you might need it in an emergency. 833 more words


Fuel Treatment For Generators

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Not only might you have your own generator sitting at the ready for a power outage, there are tens of thousands of generators at the ready in a wide variety of settings such as hospitals, airports, cell phone sites, internet service providers, fire and police stations, large apartment buildings, office buildings, data & telecommunication centers, drinking water pumping stations, nuclear power plants, and many more… 32 more words