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So You Wanna Make A Movie - Preproduction Pt. 3 "Design"

Hey guys. Another late post means it’s gonna be truncated, which I feel guilty about since I’ve been away for a week, but hopefully I can get this category done quickly. 405 more words


Deep Sea: Story Board in Progress

So here is my storyboard thus far. It still needs an ending and a some updating (such as removing all the dialogue), but I believe this is a good basic jist of the piece.

Non-time Based

Deep Sea Update: The Beast

And here we have the main antagonist, an Unseen creature dubbed Tricorn.

Primarily based on a goblin shark, this beastie is what will rough the characters up a bit and introduce Eloise into the world of the Unseen. 163 more words


Deep Sea (working title)

Ok, now that I am over a cold that gripped me most of last week, I was able to continue refining my thesis.

The object of my thesis is to create a 3-4 minute animation and story bible for a prospective series. 559 more words

Non-time Based

Spy Shots: 2016 Porsche 911 Turbo Caught In Pre-Production Form by Auto Blog Via

Posted on 09.eight.2014 sixteen:00 by Ciprian Florea +
Porsche is intensely functioning on its upcoming 911 facelift, a statement backed by the numerous spy shots we’ve received in August 2014. 38 more words

Subversion Game - Preproduction

Genre: Capturing

Subversion: For each piece you collect, you lose one piece from your inventory

Objective: Collect a certain number of each color to unlock the next level. 88 more words


Assessment 1 - Hand-In

All my pieces to be presented for Assignment 1, including my current draft of my treatment, my (edited) story summary sheet, a rough WIP of my storyboard, my finished storyboard pages, and my 2D animatic. 48 more words