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Breaking Down The Scene - Props and Other Goodies

Obviously there’s more to a scene than just the characters. You have to be conscious of all your props needed, whether they be Hero Props… 285 more words


Location Recce for Music Video

I recently went on a location recce at Hendon Park for the music video I’m making with Fred. I decided on visiting the location because since I’m directing this music video and I would be the one coming up with the storyboards and floor plans, I needed a visual image to help me visualise the setting of where my actors will be and where their actions will take place. 50 more words

MDA2900 - Producing & Directing: Film Form & Practice

Sound Decisions

“Sound is 50 percent of the moviegoing experience.” –George Lucas

“The truth is, for me, it’s obvious that 70, 80 percent of a movie is sound.” –Danny Boyle…

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Breaking Down The Scene- Characters

Now that we have our scene and a storyboard, it’s time to start breaking this sucker down.

First thing we must do is decide how many… 526 more words


Dan Harmon's Story Circles

Writer and performer, Dan Harmon is known for his work in hit series like the NBC comedy Community and Adult Swim’s animated series, Rick and Morty. 630 more words

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Comic Tests Done. What's next?

We’ve finished up our animation tests with pages from our comic,  HorseCop: Volume 2. They were rough, but we feel they were a point in the right direction.  462 more words