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Risk Assessment & Location Scouting

Churchill Square (and street corner);

Looking at Churchill square the main issue whilst filming here will be the people and the busy atmosphere; however this is a bonus as this is exactly the type of tone I wish to create at the beginning of my short film. 280 more words

Importance of Audio Preproduction

Its all about Preparation, Preparation, Preparation …
One of the most overlooked and often neglected aspects of production is actually the most vital to this: Preproduction. 678 more words


Shooting Schedule- Updated for Easter Holidays (Unit 22)

First Day within the holidays- 12/4/14 (unsure of date exactly as yet)

Crew; Sapphire Needham, Emily Seaton (myself)

Props/Costume list; Normal clothes but with a certain ‘indie’ style (relating to younger/ teenage audience) & and a watch for first scene. 136 more words


My new TV drama is called ‘Run’. It follows the lives of Jason Hunter, Lily Nesbitt, Chloe Mayers, Dean Slater, Cameron Newman, Kayla Lewis, Macy Reid and Leo Grayson who all respectively are part of the TRRC (Time Rift Research Centre) team.   206 more words

Creative Media Btec

Animatic Project: Post Preduction


A young, paranoid has a peculiar meeting at the bus stop.


A young girl stands at a bus stop, a backpack strapped to her shoulders. 141 more words

Non-time Based

NED1: Planning for your Music Video

So – you have your basic idea as a proposal, now it’s time to plan what you need to do. It is vital that you keep records of everything you intend to do and actually do! 482 more words

Music Video