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Deep Sea: Poster Scene Mockups

Most of the mockups of the poster scenes for my upcoming thesis proposal.

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Pre Production

Above is a flash example of the piece. The piece will be completed in Unity with colored lighting and shadows instead of solid colors on the landscape elements. 81 more words


Class #4 - Phases of Production & Workflow

This week, we meet at 6:30pm at the Broadway Cineamteque to watch the new film of Louisa Wei, and in respect for the student strike. 201 more words

So You Wanna Make A Movie - Preproduction Pt. 3 "Design"

Hey guys. Another late post means it’s gonna be truncated, which I feel guilty about since I’ve been away for a week, but hopefully I can get this category done quickly. 405 more words


Deep Sea: Story Board in Progress

So here is my storyboard thus far. It still needs an ending and a some updating (such as removing all the dialogue), but I believe this is a good basic jist of the piece.

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Deep Sea Update: The Beast

And here we have the main antagonist, an Unseen creature dubbed Tricorn.

Primarily based on a goblin shark, this beastie is what will rough the characters up a bit and introduce Eloise into the world of the Unseen. 163 more words


Deep Sea (working title)

Ok, now that I am over a cold that gripped me most of last week, I was able to continue refining my thesis.

The object of my thesis is to create a 3-4 minute animation and story bible for a prospective series. 559 more words

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