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Hello :)

I have been tired. Took the day off today cos my body rasa macam out of sort. Not fever-ish. Not flu-ish. Simply out. Nausea and lightheaded. 1,442 more words


A picture of the principal. Electrified!

Today my son and I walked into his school … a Christian school.

The teachers had stuck pictures the preps had drawn on the classroom windows — pictures the children had drawn of their principal. 67 more words


Another Call for Physical Conditioning

As Spring has sprung, at least, in other parts of the country (11 degrees farenheit at 0745 this morning with a fresh snow dusting on the SUV!), folks might want to consider getting out and do some road work so they can actually carry their packs. 570 more words

Basic Skills

Signal Corps: The Book Is Out

Order here.

Many thanks to Sparks31.

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A worthwhile investment from subject matter experts.  Order 2 - one for you and one for a friend. UPDATE:  Mine came in yesterday:  31 Mar 14.  So far, great resource on what to have and how to build your comm network.


Checked! One thing off our urgent to-do list.

Open a joint account. This is meant for GIRO. to pay conservancy, PUB bills etc – done :) 29 more words


Defensive Formations:

The Reinforced Triangle, or “RT” is one of the most effective defensive formations to use when setting up any base camp, whether conducting a security patrol, on the road during ‘GOOD’, or while in a semi-permanent base of operations being progressively developed in a protected or contested area. 986 more words

Basic Skills

Postseason Preps

Just a quick update of photographs from some state high school sports playoffs in the past few weeks…I shot a few basketball games here in Bend, including Madison’s unbelievable last-second buzzer beater against Mountain View. 20 more words