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What to expect from Pres. Obama in State of the Union address

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has less clout on Capitol Hill now than ever before. So with little to lose, he’s making a feisty pitch for economic populism… 1,149 more words


Cards Against Humanity: Reason's State of the Union version! - Hit & Run : Reason.com

Tonight we will be exposed to yet another worthless endeavor….the State of the Union speech…..

I shall sum it up for you (and I refused to watch it)…….welcome….blah, blah…….guests…..blah, blah……ISIS……..blah blah….health care….blah blah….education….blah blah……minimum age….blah blah……the economy……. 100 more words


The Eternal State of the Union, 2015 Update Edition - Hit & Run : Reason.com

Tonight is the BIG night….we will hear from the president on his agenda for the year ahead…..it will be the usual laundry list of items that will be unfulfilled…..promises that seldom go accomplished. 69 more words


Fox Will Have A Stroke--Merry Xmas!

He said with crossed fingers.

I have given my readers the bad news and now the Good!

The best news for the conservative mindset has been the low approval ratings of the president in the last 2 years or so.  221 more words


At the Heart of the Brown-Garner Protests: A Clarion Call to Uphold the Truth and Indict the Real Bullies Among Us

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  ~President John Adams, c. 1798… 1,172 more words


Cuba, Ignorance and Dishonesty

One benefit of bilingualism is that it gives you the ability to transport yourself instantly to an alternative reality. On 12/17/14, I watched in utter fascination a French discussion of the Obama Administration’s announcement of a change in diplomatic relations of the US with Cuba. 921 more words

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