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Still need health insurance for Obamacare? Don't worry, deadline extended

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration will give more time to people who try to apply for health insurance coverage through the federal marketplace by Monday but encounter difficulty, administration officials said Tuesday evening. 459 more words


April 2014 - Peace, Safety & SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!

Published by eternalrhythmflow on Jan 9, 2014

Isn’t there something in the bible about a middle-east peace agreement? Yes! There sure is and it is one of the events near the rapture and right before the end of the age. 47 more words


Watchdog: Obama should abandon OFA | TheHill

We all know just how much the Right, all the Right, hates president Obama….now we can surmise that it is a wealth of reason…….only they know the real reason of such hatred……but today he is a socialist…..tomorrow he will be a Nazi……last week he was a secret Muslim and next week we will be back to the birther bullsh*t.  69 more words


What Good Are Principles Anyway?

Our politicians when running for office are just oozing over with principles especially principles that appeal to the voter………and in recent elections illustrate that these people have NO principles or what few they have are for sale. 395 more words


My brother's keeper

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother;
–William Shakespeare, from Henry V…

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National Politics

The Dictator-In-Chief

YAWN!  It is sad that a post such as this one NEEDS to be written………but then a lot about politics is just plain SAD!

We have endured many many years of total busllsh*t…..especially when we hear all about Obama being a dictator…..this type of rhetoric has NO place in the political dialog….only a complete idiot would say something as moronic as Obama is a dictator…….let me be clear….I am NOT an Obama cheerleader by any stretch of the imagination and making such lies is breaking one of those commandments that some are so proud of in their lives……. 677 more words


Pres. Obama's 2015 Budget: Less for Great Lakes, more for Prisons and still too much for Defense

There is for the progressively compassionate much to like about Pres. Obama’s newly released federal budget: more for the poor, less for the wealthy for instance. 568 more words