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If you don't read this post about Ultimatums...

I have a very distinct memory of a trip that ended quickly many years ago.  My mom and I were driving to Pennsylvania for the weekend visit with family.   903 more words

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5 Types of Toys Your Kids Actually Need:

There is an overwhelming variety of toys on the market. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to pick out a new toy, whether for your own child, or someone else’s. 216 more words


Holy Mother of Patience!

I don’t remember anyone telling me the hardest thing to master with kids would be “patience.” Or if they told me, mentioned it, whispered it, or yelled it, I probably thought I knew the advice and I’d be fine. 619 more words


Once Upon A Mattress

Last Saturday, my son crawled in our bed to snuggle. He ended up on Jeff’s side of the bed while the baby and I were on the other. 126 more words


Laundry Lessons

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My most despised chore used to be laundry. Mostly because, with three small kids, it was such a never ending story. The monotony of sorting, washing, folding and getting it all away just in time for it to be pulled out and dirtied again was super demoralizing. 661 more words

Family Life

Daylight Saving Time; getting our kids on time.

Spring forward, fall back.

So spring is coming, though being that is was 14 degrees outside today, I find this a little hard to grasp. But where daylight saving is concerned, “spring” is upon us. 282 more words

3. Toddlers