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Adventure 109 ~ Walking With My Eyes Open

This morning, as usual, I took my dog out for a walk. I take him on the same route most mornings. When I got back to the house and closed the door behind me, I suddenly realised that I’d “sleep-walked” the whole way. 114 more words

Jane Talbot

Beautiful Sorrow

Sorrow, when it enters our day, often comes without warning. Uncomfortable and painful, it can be attached to regret, betrayal, or grief. And yet this day, known as Good Friday or Black Friday, by nature of the events it commemorates, beckons me to step into a prayer of sorrow.  246 more words


Notice the Light

Notice the light in the foggy morning haze that whispers common secrets into the breaking dawn.
Notice the light in steps taken over roots and around pebbles, over logs and through icy rain. 91 more words

See My Scars. Believe.

Several years ago, I wrote a nonfiction book for teens and young adults who struggle with self-injury. In the center of the book is the heart of its message, the scars and wounds of Jesus.  411 more words


Bearable Disappointment

Guest Post!

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We’re aware as smart single women that we can’t expect perfection.

But life still manages to throw us curve balls.

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Self Care

The Ego's Desire for a Greater Audience

Not to push. Just to be. To
accept. To allow. If i have
something, anything to share with
people… something i can stand
up for, will it come forth? 222 more words


Splashing Over

My life, seen as a bowl, can hold only so much. I am thankful that God does not stop pouring into me based on my capacity. 304 more words

Embracing Presence