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The Task of Presence

Annie Dillard once wrote, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” When I read those words, my thinking, practical mind is apt to frame it in a way that puts the actual tasks on the day’s list at the center. 400 more words


At the Zenith of Summer

I sat in quiet resignation at a table in a secret garden at the zenith of summer to attempt a consultation with the Powers That Be; those illusive forces without names that seem to play at our strings as we are marionettes, dancing, loving, losing, fighting, killing, succeeding and failing without fail. 266 more words


Being a Highly Sensitive Person

Many people walk around all day and interact with dozens of people and are completely unaffected by their emotions and what’s going on in those people’s lives. 660 more words


Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

So despite finding out I had walking pneumonia yesterday, I had quite an amazing day. Why was it amazing you ask? Because I was at peace, that’s why. 165 more words


Synchronicity in Brief

The evening Southwesterly carries at its edges a distinct sense of inevitability. Descriptors I have assigned to its movements, to its sounds and to its accompanying scents bestow upon it an undeniable significance. 42 more words


Go Be, Be Free

When you start to consider your life without concerning yourself with the wants and expectations of others there is a motivating freedom that awakens in our souls.


The Knowing/Holding On

There was a night when I was there, ironically, just a couple weeks before his death, and I knew. I just knew. I had no idea how quickly it would all unravel, but a sixth sense deep in my being told me to hold onto that evening. 512 more words