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Bearing Fruit in the Rocky Places

Abiding, in its simplest explanation, is being with God. It is is both being with Him in the quiet through Scripture reading and prayer rhythms… 248 more words


Running Toward Brokenness

I’m guessing you have noticed it too. The unrest of the world’s landscape seems to be multiplying, along with confusion, fear, and violence. Reports of it fill the world and local news. 488 more words


100 Words: The (Big J) Joy of Movement

Principle 1 – The Joy of Movement…succinctly

The Big-J Joy is less about happiness or enJOYment, more about being present no matter what is happening. Practicing the Joy of Movement makes whatever you do with your body — running, knitting, cooking, shuffleboarding, triathaloning — more connected. 59 more words

100 Words

Waking up sad?

“What a mess.” There’s a lot of bad news in the world today. It’s messy. A lot of heartache and suffering. As believers, how are we to respond? 425 more words


Adventure 221 ~ Watch The Wheel Of Nature Turn

As a result of adventuring on a daily basis, I’m becoming more attuned to what’s happening around me. I’m more present (that’s for certain) , but something else is emerging too : a desire to notice change, a desire to track the cycle of Nature. 73 more words

365 Days Of Adventure

The Task of Presence

Annie Dillard once wrote, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” When I read those words, my thinking, practical mind is apt to frame it in a way that puts the actual tasks on the day’s list at the center. 400 more words


At the Zenith of Summer

I sat in quiet resignation at a table in a secret garden at the zenith of summer to attempt a consultation with the Powers That Be; those illusive forces without names that seem to play at our strings as we are marionettes, dancing, loving, losing, fighting, killing, succeeding and failing without fail. 266 more words