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More of His Presence?

Is it nonsense to say we want more of God’s presence? Is it ridiculous to sing of our desire for more of Him? Is it sentimental to invite Him to come to meet with us? 768 more words

Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel

Resplendent intelligences, magnificent exponents of the infinite wisdom, power, and beauty of God; spiritual bodies, immortal, impassible, moving with a swiftness transcending that of light ; abiding in the immediate presence of God and radiant with the splendors shed over them by the Beatific Vision! 338 more words

Traditional Catholic

Lord, Share The Riches Of Your Heart

One day, a monk, while walking through a village, found himself accosted by a man out of breath. “Give me your riches”, the man demanded.  “Last night a voice told me to get riches from a monk passing through my village.”  The monk thought for a moment and then, with a smile, answered, “Do you mean this?”  He showed the man a huge jewel, the size of his hand.  257 more words


Presence of Greatness

Mark Scott wrote the following in The Lookout:

“The state where I live has a wonderful state convention. Some years ago at this convention I was greeting people before the evening session. 204 more words

Christian Living

Making the Sign of the Cross: an Opening

Living without the use of my arms is… well, odd. Because of my genetic muscle-wasting disease, there are things that I just can’t do anymore.  This post is not about the difficult, critical inabilities, like washing or feeding myself.  1,079 more words


Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

It is seldom found in people today that have the kind of conviction for their country or for their God as Patrick Henry. A conviction that is far more powerful than their desire for life! 2,394 more words