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Living in the moment

I wasn’t prepared for this. This feeling of utter abandonment. My wife and three kids left on a plane for South Africa a few hours ago and I am already wondering how I will last this three weeks without them. 570 more words

Running Stories

Dear Lord, [Part 5- wrapped in Your presence]

I felt something shift today. I started praying every morning. I’ve never been too good at that overall. I forget, or I get lazy, but I’ve been doing it recently. 505 more words


Frustration and hope

frustrazione, n.f. Frustration, defeat.

My eyes fell on this entry, just above the line of gun fire dividing the Italian-English dictionary in half. It was on display at the Museum of the Martyrs at the Universidad Centroamericana in San Salvador, one of the books salvaged from the library of the six Jesuit priests murdered there in 1989. 852 more words


Why this book?

excerpt from the bookDiamond Leadership“.

I write these words because I feel and see, all around us, the unfolding of the biggest change in consciousness and the most radical culture shift that humankind has ever witnessed – the paradigm shift from the “Ego to Eco” functioning of our organizations, communities and nations. 310 more words


Diamond Leadership - contents

The difference between aligned and misaligned teams/organization, is the difference between average and excellent. When strategies are misaligned with culture, organizations and businesses pay extremely high price. 326 more words


Presence – “The key to conscious and authentic leadership”

excerpt from the bookDiamond Leadership

…The success of particular intervention depends on the inner conditions of the intervener. (William O’Brien)

The observation of people and teams that are experiencing a state of flow leads to the conclusion that the quality and results produced by a team depend on the quality of presence of the members of that team. 374 more words