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Helmers & Hill: Defining Visual Rhetorics

Helmers, M. (2004). Framing the fine arts through rhetoric. In C. Hill, & M. Helmers (Eds.), Defining Visual Rhetorics (pp. 63-86). Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 1,084 more words


The Healer

A butterfly flits earnestly—
box to bag, drug to dairy, produce
to poultry—prodding the random and
haphazard parade onward to the tireless
tempos of the checkout scanner’s beep. 120 more words


Be Your Friend

If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way
that you sometimes speak to yourself,
how long would you allow that person… 234 more words


A Moment in the Presence

And just like THAT, there he was again in my consciousness. The message this morning when I awoke was very clear, “You must go see Pringle today.” 355 more words

Hanging Off The Cliff

A Thank You Letter

One can never live in the past, yet the past is never abandoned. It is embodied in every movement, in the ways we walk, in the ways our fingers reach out and our hands hold, in the ways we look at another. 250 more words

Appreciation of the Rain

In California, we’ve been in the middle of a drought. The levels of lakes and reservoirs are frighteningly low. Water use is being rationed. Once green lawns have turned brown and the ground is cracked and parched. 190 more words


Presence & Presents

I thought that interning at a church would inspire me, as I work with so many amazing people who love Jesus. While I am inspired, most of the time I’m intimidated, because these people have so many gifts. 773 more words