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Creating peace

In conflict, I take the lead in creating peace.

This is the sort of statement a self-help book might have you tape up above your bathroom mirror. 126 more words



I know You’re here. Filling my eyes with tears. Holding me in Your embrace.

I know You’re here.

Pulling on my wings, my legs and arms. 107 more words

How I got to 3rd Base (No, this is not about sex.)

How I got to 3rd base.

How did I get to 3rd base?  Well, it’s quite simple really.  I started on 3rd base.


I am a young pastor.   466 more words


When it comes down to it, It’s all Me

When it comes down to it,
It’s all Me

Just being present in the Now
absorbing all that is to see,
feel, hear and reflecting… 174 more words

HeartFelt Messages


I’m lost without knowledge of his presence…

I’m attached to his absence…

The pain-body.

Pleasure is the pleasure in the absence and presence of the pain, while pain is the pain in the presence and absence of pain.

The Physical Presence of Other Christians

How easy it is in our country where we tend to take our freedom for granted to view the physical presence of other Christians as an assumed privilege. 125 more words

Devotional Thoughts