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11 Ways The Mind Abandons The Present Moment

There are a number of ways for the mind to lose focus of what is important and to check out of the present moment. Understanding the nature of our minds, even just a little bit better, can add a boundless amount of value to our lives. 275 more words


When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

In my last post I was struggling with some stress in my body and not entirely sure from where it had come. As part of removing my stress, I quit drinking a Green drink I’d been consuming for about 2 weeks. 427 more words

Personal Journey

The Future from Here-Now

Tomorrow depends on today and on the ripples from the past that we allow to affect us in this present Moment, which many spiritual approaches would say is all there IS: Now-Be-Here. 460 more words

Daily Blog

Living Life in the Now

Happy Monday wonderful readers!! With the hustle and bustle of Easter weekend, it wasn’t easy for me to stay present. How have you been holding up with living in the now? 316 more words

Law Of Attraction

Knowing Peace

There is peace

in all that is


refusing to be packaged

up neatly -

honored to be

as it is.


May we know the peace that is right here.



in the way

We hold out for the hope of something yet unknown. Or we stumble upon it and remember what is possible. It is like the unexpected surprise of the every-time glory of fire flies in a field. 360 more words

Time Stood Still

(this is a very real tale that happened 14 years ago early Easter Sunday morning)

Time stood still as he sprung out of the light-filled church into the dark of the midnight; his handsome face relaxed and his step carefree. 815 more words

Annette Rochelle Aben