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Facing Your Fears...

Most people will have fearful feelings or anxiety to some extent in their lives, whether it’s making new business calls, small spaces, business meetings, networking events or something else. 672 more words

It’s Over But It’s Not Over For You

You know when you play a video game, you are given a number of chances to play again if you lose or fail to complete a mission; ok so we know that even when you lose all your chances or “lives” in a video game it always says “Game Over”… but is it really? 1,676 more words

Positive Mindset

This very moment, yes right now!

When we give our all to this very moment, this very moment gives all back to us. When we give our all to the past, or to the future, this very moment fades away and the treasure is lost. 145 more words


Natural Notion For Present Day The Bathroom Decor Vanity With Sweet Inspiration by Catalog Wishes

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Normal Notion For Modern The Bathroom Decor Vanity With Sweet Inspiration – by way of… 31 more words

What was, what is and what will be.

I’ve attempted to blog several times in the past. I have yet to follow through with one single blog for more than a few months worth of posts. 1,234 more words


The Gloriously Tired Unemployed.

When I got home yesterday after pulling a 9 1/2 hour shift, non stop, back to back, busy day at the restaurant, I fell asleep on the couch. 231 more words


Day 16 - Sacred Flame

The Reflections

It comes upon a reflection

- a past well lived to learn -

that a remembrance of truth

came to wash out my eyes… 90 more words