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I just made a.....


Yea, clicky clicky on the picture and you’ll be directed there. It’s REALLY REALLY new. Not that there aren’t any pages about “LIFE” but this page is more of directing to my friends – accordingly to their lives. 96 more words


what in the world?!

I have terrible luck. It’s been decided as such. I talked to my ex again all day today. Really not sure why I did, by I did. 139 more words

I Don't Care What Traditional Gender Roles Say, Operating Heavy Machinery is Fun!

Today was wicked cool. My brother is doing some massive landscaping and rented an excavator. And I got to play with it! :D

I arrived a little before noon and was able to spend most of the day up until sunset operating this thing. 116 more words

General Post


suppose it was you
on the other side.

suppose it was your wife
and small child
that your friend was trying to steal
from under your nose, 27 more words


Yellow There! Getting Your Kids To Volunteer and the Next Piece

Today had a yellow theme that started at the crack of dawn. Like I said before, there are plenty of things you can do with your kids to get them involved in good causes. 513 more words


All you can do is be present here and now. Let the other pieces fall into place, nothing worth having is forced.