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Educational Bill of Rights - Right #2

To continue my posts related to my Education Bill of Rights, I bring you my second right.

2. Freedom of Innovation – We are the innovators of learning, technology and presentation. 88 more words

Volcano Pitch Presentation w/ Feedback Notes

Google Doc Presentation


  • Should we really use gyroscopic navigation? Would swiping work better
    • Joe- I think using swiping could be boring. With gyroscopic nav we can make the game more difficult and interactive…
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Learning to experiment

These are the abstract and slides for a session which I gave with my colleague Anika Easy at the University of Leeds Student Education Conference,  181 more words


The Speak Easy program, Part 1: Becoming a mentor

Speaking easy, really?

Speaking in larger groups or in front of people has never been easy for me. My heart starts pounding every time I’m in front of people. 343 more words


Mon œuvre? Mon combat!

Bonjour Bonsoir Good Afternoon

Je suis Aigreurs Killer.  J’ai été victime un beau jours de mai 2004 du grand méchant RGO (reflux gastro œsophagien) qui s’attaqua à moi  en provoquant de violentes aigreurs d’estomac et remontées acides. 24 more words


Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

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PRESENTATION BY BENNY ONRUST “Automatic generation of plant distributions for existing and future natural environments using spatial data”, JANUARY 30, 9.00, ROOM P, ARCHITECTURE, TU DELFT

This research proposes an algorithm for the generation of realistic plant distributions for both existing and future areas using spatial data. The main motivation for this research is to be able to generate realistic plant positions for the 3D visualization of existing and future natural environments. 300 more words