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A Nordic Recollection of Design

Today was my final presentation for my Interior Architecture course. I’ve never been so nervous giving a presentation before!

I’ve learned a lot over the course of the three weeks we had for this project. 188 more words


9 Ways to Exude Confidence When You Feel Like a Hot Mess Inside

Confidence is a beautiful thing; it emanates persuasion, inspiration and power.   It emits a presence about a person that others around them easily tune in to and react to positively. 1,252 more words

Apps for Helping You Work

With over 2 million apps available in the world, and in the Android market alone, more than 60,000 apps dedicated to business and productivity, it’s a wonder people know where and how to start when finding the right apps for them. 474 more words


L’association senti-dos a été crée en février 2013 du désir de partager des arts et des cultures. Elle soutient la transmission des pratiques naturelles, de la danse à la poterie.



Dear friends,

A new Basic presentation is already available!

Enjoy it!

THEME: Ladybug

SIZE: 3 slides

TITLE FONT: Curlz MT (Download)

TEXT FONT: 17 more words

My Ppt

Displayswitch, The simple function of Windows that we always forget

When you’re teaching or making a presentation, sometimes you don’t want your students, visitors or viewers see what is going on the screen such as hiding the transcripts, hints, answers and so forth. 344 more words


Don't Fight The Framework Pt IV - Sitecore Presentation

So, continuing on the theme of the previous posts, in particular Don’t fight the framework part I I thought it would be a good idea to cover the presentation side of Sitecore in a little more depth, with a particular focus on how bad decisions can affect implementation in the future. 2,299 more words