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A Great Semester

As this semester of ENC1102 draws to a close, I take the time to reflect about all the things I have learned. Three things stick out to me above the rest, I have learned how to write blog posts, create presentations, and properly format MLA style papers.                                             277 more words


Uploading Your Slides to SPS Events

If you recently spoke at an SPS Event or you are planning to speak at an upcoming SharePoint Saturday and want to upload your slides for the people who come to your talk, the process is quite simple and built into the new… 184 more words


Student Post: 10 tips for the day of the group presentation

The actual group presentation can be very daunting – trust me, I know!

When I do a presentation I get so unnecessarily nervous, even though I know everyone that I’m presenting to. 512 more words


Conference Talk

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Anxiety, sweaty palms, and dry mouth–that’s what you often get when you have to present in front of other people. 17 more words

Public Speaking And Presentations

The book I read to research this post was Public Speaking And Presentations For Dummies by Rob Yeung et al which is a very good book which I bought from kindle. 294 more words


#1376 - Work This Week



You know I came back to the Netherlands from my conference trip on Sunday evening. So obviously it meant that (onf of) the most important jobdesk for me to do on Monday was to complete the final business trip declaration form to get the reimbursement, lol :lol:. 620 more words

Zilko's Life

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When you’re trying to speak to a large group of people, one of the most important things, and sometimes one of the hardest, is to make sure that they can hear you. 284 more words