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The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Standout Presenter

Here’s a short excerpt:

Let’s face it, being an effective presenter isn’t easy. For some, it’s downright terrifying. But speaking is a necessary skill both in school and in real life.

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Thursday February 5 Presentation: Fracking in the USA and its Impact on Angola's Economy

Fracking, the new oil field technology of fracturing shale rock to produce oil, has suddenly propelled the USA into becoming one of the world’s largest producers of oil (and natural gas) and has led to a 60% drop in world oil prices in the last 6 months.  321 more words


What is Data Literacy?

This March I’ll be presenting at the ACRL 2015 conference with Christine Murray (Bates College) on teaching data literacy in the library. To help me prepare and perhaps preview our discussion, I thought I’d post a few thoughts on the blog to get the juices flowing. 1,099 more words




I believe that your class might benefit from an instructional strategy referred to as “POGIL” (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning). This method has gained considerable popularity in Chemistry, especially for college beginner classes (General Chemistry), but also for more advanced classes (Organic and Physical Chemistry). 435 more words



Application 2:  

Where Can I find it?

This is available on https://mural.ly/

What Does it Do?

It is a giant cork board which allows your students to work collaboratively to put together amazing, fun, creative colourful presentations.   50 more words


SharePoint 2013 App Model

SharePoint 2013 App Model – Build Native LOB Applications Using A Familiar Stack

presented by Rahul Ravindran – February 19, 2015

sponsored by Global Infonet 231 more words


Thoughts: A Stroke of Luck

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” -The 14th Dalai Lama

The Dixon’s family story really hit home for me in many ways. 607 more words

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