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Melbourne Google Apps for Education Summit

Connecting Classrooms = Authentic Learning

A key component of all 21st century classrooms is connecting student learning to the wider community. Eleni has seen her students engagement, motivation and will to learn exceed expectations when they collaborate and publish their work to the world. 206 more words

Google Apps For Education

Melbourne GAFE Summit

Our 12 month GAFE Journey – From Zero to Hero

At the Melbourne Summit in 2013 St Francis Xavier Primary School was new to Google Apps For Education. 183 more words





  1. Which famous scientist introduced the idea of natural selection?
  2. Changes in our surroundings that make us respond to them, are called……………….
  3. Botany is the study of?
  4. 181 more words

Being an optimizer in the lived moment

Being an optimizer in the lived moment

A while back I wrote about satisficers. Those are the individuals that do the minimum to get something over and done with.    303 more words

DP Challenge