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Wrapping It Up

A few bubbles floated into the room, just sort of floating in a lazy and happy fashion. The dog ignored them as if to say he was too dignified for bubbles when in reality he was too tired to go after them. 324 more words

MUO Meetup Goodie Bag Reveal

So let me give you a little bit of a back story. There’s this group on Facebook called “Makeup Obsessives” which was made by this lovely lady called Kirsty. 1,030 more words


Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch (2014)

Today is my birthday; “Happy Birthday me.” To celebrate, I’m giving you all a virtual hug in the form of Happy Birthday, Moon, a picture book that is as close to a hug as I could find. 164 more words

Picture Book

News - Birthday

Hi everyone, once again sorry for not posting as much, now this day has come things should start getting back to normal. Today, as many of you know, is my birthday. 135 more words


Weddings can suck my metaphoric balls

This stupid wedding culture that exists pisses me off. I can’t stand listening, reading or watching people ramble on about the “perfect day” they deem worth of falling into perpetual debt for. 726 more words


Christmas Intruder: Part 2.

When I left off a 5-year-old Space Case had snuck out of his room on Christmas Eve to grab a glass of water from the kitchen.   1,563 more words

Three For Birthdays (2014)

1. Greetings.
2. Presents.
3. Flowers.
Celebrate & make room-
For a year long bloom.